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Glacier Style

Postby Ika on 28 Dec 2008, 17:30

Working on FAQs for MOD with name: Glacier Style
MOD Author: Ika
Description: A clean, professional looking fixed-width proSilver style. The style features a fixed background viewable up to 1600px wide and is full-customizable by users!

Style License: GNU General Public License v2

Style Status: Released
Style Colors: Blue/Black/White
Style Base: proSilver
Style Type: Professional

Available Languages: See Translations Link Below
    Portuguese (Brazil)

Style Screenshots: Premium Edition Shown
Live Demos:
Style Support: This Topic

Style Extras:
    Premium or Lite Edition
    PSD File for logo
    Changeable Fixed Background
    Changeable Rotating Header Images
    100% CSS Dropdown Menu designed for phpBB functions with user customizable links
    Custom Imageset
    Clickable Forum Rows
    High Quality Design

Hot Tips: Images can be added to 'theme/images/headers' to be included in the header rotation with the premium edition.

Downloadables & Extras:
Translation Packs, MOD Buttons, Common Changes Tutorials, and Alternative Images ... m.php?f=82

Style Downloads:
Premium Edition Downloads
ALERT! If you are planning on using the Premium Edition on a Commercial Forum READ HERE FIRST!
Description: Fully featured with high-quality background and rotating headers.
Click Here for ZIP Archive Format - Premium

Lite Edition Downloads
Description: Reduces bandwidth consumption with solid color background and a single fixed header image.
Click Here for ZIP Archive Format - Lite

Version: 3.0.40
Status: Released
Release date: not set
phpBB version: 3.0.4

Installation level: easy
Installation time: 5 Minutes

URL to demo website: Click here to visit the demo website

Rating: 0.00 with 0 votes

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