[Translation Spanish]Board3 Portal 1.0.3

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[Translation Spanish]Board3 Portal 1.0.3

Postby Alorse » 06 Jul 2009, 12:31

MOD-Titel:Board3 Portal
MOD-Version: 1.0.3
MOD-authors: Ice, Kevin, Redbull254, Christian_N, nickvergessen http://www.board3.de
Adds a portal with several blocks, which can be switched on and off via the ACP, to the front page of your phpBB 3 forums.
This portal is a further development / fork of the phpbb3Portal. An update wizard and update instructions from phpbb3portal 1.1.0b, 1.2.2 and from previous Board3 Portal versions are included in the package.

Demo: Prosilver, Subsilver2

Code: Select All
'ACP_PORTAL_INFO'							=> 'Portal',
'ACP_PORTAL_NEWS_INFO' => 'Noticias',
'ACP_PORTAL_RECENT_INFO' => 'Temas recientes',
'ACP_PORTAL_WORDGRAPH_INFO' => 'Palabras mas usadas',
'ACP_PORTAL_GENERAL_INFO' => 'Configuración general',
'ACP_PORTAL_PAYPAL_INFO' => 'Donaciones Paypal',
'ACP_PORTAL_MEMBERS_INFO' => 'Últimos miembros',
'ACP_PORTAL_POLLS_INFO' => 'Encuesta',
'ACP_PORTAL_BOTS_INFO' => 'Últimos robots',
'ACP_PORTAL_POSTER_INFO' => 'Top posteadores',
'ACP_PORTAL_WELCOME_INFO' => 'Mensaje de bienvenida',
'ACP_PORTAL_CUSTOMBLOCK_INFO' => 'Bloque de uso frecuente',
'ACP_PORTAL_MINICALENDAR_INFO' => 'Mini calendario',

// Logs
'LOG_PORTAL_CONFIG' => '<strong>Alterada la configuración del portal</strong><br />&raquo; %s',

// Adding the permissions
'acl_a_portal_manage' => array('lang' => 'Pueden alterar la configuración del portal', 'cat' => 'misc'),
only the translation.
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