modded phpbb3

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modded phpbb3

Postby msi_333 » 27 Sep 2009, 16:25

Hi all , i have worked on the last week to start my new forums , so i installed latest vr of phpbb which is 3.0.5 and i started to add mods . it takes alot of time until i started to think . now it is ok . everything is ok . i will upload it . i added about 11 mods . but instead of just keep these forum to my sites only. i decieded to share it with others as a support for phpbb community and i called it modded phpbb3 .
You can find it here : modded phpbb3

I don't knew where to post such a topic exactly , because it is not a mod or a style . it is just phpbb + installed mods . to save the time that every new phpbb use will spend integrating the mods .

Sorry if this posted in wrong place . please tell me if you can put topic in your library or something . Am using these product in my site too .
i wish u find it helpful .

waiting for comments :yahoo:
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