ColorizeIt! Color Scheme Editor and Preview with Download

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Re: ColorizeIt! Color Scheme Editor and Preview with Download

Postby geoffreak » 03 Jun 2007, 11:20

Hi CyberAlien :wave:
Welcome to STG :)

Great job on all of this :D
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Re: ColorizeIt! Color Scheme Editor and Preview with Download

Postby Synaptic Anarchy » 03 Jun 2007, 15:26

I just found this on my own today, and CyberAlien had a long chat about this and other things. I mentioned a brightness slider, and he told me that There were problems involved with changing the brightness value of images, and inverting them, but that these features might make it into the final version.

This is an awesome tool and I've been using it to get a head-start on several different styles today.
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Re: ColorizeIt! Color Scheme Editor and Preview with Download

Postby IronDogg » 26 Dec 2007, 07:26

Awesome work CyberAlien! :) I was wondering if in the future, you might be able to take this colorizeit project one step further. I think it would be pretty awesome if you could turn the colorizeit project into a phpbb3 modification for peoples websites. When a forum user is going through their board preferences and go to select a style to use, instead of just a drop down box to select different styles, your colorize it page comes up and lets the user select from a list or totally customize their own style for their own use for that forum. Theoretically, every user on the board could have their own unique style to browse the forum with, and yet for the admin to install any new mods, there is only one "template" to mod code in... What a win-win situation that would be... :) Not sure if this is at all possible, but what an ideal that would be for both admins and users...
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