PHP Zip File Extraction

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PHP Zip File Extraction

Postby patrikStar » 22 May 2007, 23:08

Code: Select all
$newfile = '';
$archive = new PclZip($newfile);
if (@$archive -> extract(PCLZIP_OPT_PATH, 'test/')) {
   echo "File extracted";
} else {
   echo "Error extracting file.";

you can get the file it is including here:

This is what I am using for my autoupdate feature on my arcade room mod
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Re: PHP Zip File Extraction

Postby eviL3 » 23 May 2007, 12:47

Cool, phpBB3 has some zip functions, maybe you can use them...
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Re: PHP Zip File Extraction

Postby SmokiestGrunl » 30 Jun 2008, 02:13

Is it posible to make a mod so you could upload a .zip and then it will attrach it all and then be able to use the files from the zip like an attachment?
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