phpBB 3 Lang Files Convertor From phpBB 2 Lang Files

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phpBB 3 Lang Files Convertor From phpBB 2 Lang Files

Postby Mighty Gorgon » 28 Jul 2007, 07:38

I'm sorry if it is not the right place to post it... I hope moderators may eventually move this topic. :blush:

Hi all,
after a quick search I didn't find anything regarding this issue so I've decided to code a small utility which may help mods author to convert their old phpBB 2 lang files into the new phpBB 3 lang files system.

This tool is really small and simple, and it may still contain errors.

It is really easy to use, you can use it in two ways:
  1. Including the lang files using the include function
    Code: Select all
  2. Pasting all the $lang vars you need to convert directly into the file
    Code: Select all

    $lang['Test_01'] = 'Testing...';
    $lang['Test_02'] = 'Testing...';

    // LANG VARS - END

To do this just open phpbb3_lc.php and edit the first lines accordingly.

Once you have edited the lines, you just need to launch the files in your
browser and you'll have the output to be pasted in a brand new phpBB 3 lang

There is also the possibility to download it as a file, but pay attention that
will be downloaded only the automated output, not the content of the textbox
if you have modified it!!!


I hope someone may find this useful.

Here is the link to phpBB discussion:
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