Force https ACP

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Force https ACP

Postby EXreaction » 24 Feb 2008, 13:13

Classification: Security
phpBB Part: ACP

MOD Name: Force https ACP
MOD Version: 1.0.2
Author: EXreaction
MOD Description: This mod forces all access to the Administration Control Panel to use https.

Licence: GNU General Public License v2

Installation Level: Easy
Installation Time: < 1 Minute
Format: MODX
Download File: ... f=31&t=567
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Re: Force https ACP

Postby Patricia » 01 Mar 2008, 08:50


This can also be handy to https a Donation page, to let the users see that it is safe to Donate :thumbsup:

Thanks for this,

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Re: Force https ACP

Postby ..::Frans::.. » 01 Mar 2008, 12:22

:clapping: Very nice Nathan!
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Re: Force https ACP

Postby mut2nt » 06 Mar 2010, 14:44

it doesn't work for phpbb3 0.3.7
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Re: Force https ACP

Postby eko4v » 08 Oct 2010, 09:16

Dear EXreaction,

First off, thanks for this great MOD, the mod v1.0.3 works great in my localhost testing forum under 3.0.7pl1. :thumbsup:

However, I found that when I use 'ACP logout' or 'admin logout' the URL connection is still staying with HTTPS, so I replaced the code of 'U_LOGOUT' and 'U_ADM_LOGOUT' with the code below,
Code: Select all
//      'U_LOGOUT'         => append_sid("{$phpbb_root_path}ucp.$phpEx", 'mode=logout'),
//      'U_ADM_LOGOUT'         => append_sid("{$phpbb_admin_path}index.$phpEx", 'action=admlogout'),
      'U_LOGOUT'         => append_sid(str_replace('https://', 'http://', generate_board_url()) . "/ucp.$phpEx", 'mode=logout'),
      'U_ADM_LOGOUT'         => append_sid(str_replace('https://', 'http://', generate_board_url()) . "/{$phpbb_admin_path}index.$phpEx", 'action=admlogout'),

After then I use another local forum built with 3.0.7pl1 without any mod to make a comparing test and I found the behavior of 'ACP logout' of my code is incorrect a bit. As after 'ACP logout', I can click the link of 'Administration Control Panel' at the page bottom to get into ACP panel without another password input for self-authorization.

Since I am just an amateur programmer of C/C++ and my PHP capability is still very poor, please advice the correct code for the above change.

Btw, once after using 'Force https ACP', if the web server can not handle SSL request then besides stare at 4o4 page, can you please suggest a way to handle it? I would like to try to code that solution as my PHP practicing homework myself. :D

Thanks in advance for any help,

Hunt Chang
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