[I need Help] acp_add_user_mod

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[I need Help] acp_add_user_mod

Postby King Cobra » 31 Dec 2007, 03:14

when i try to add a user i get this error message
You don't have permission to access /ipforum/adm/index.php on this server.
On Dec. 23 it was working then i try a week later to add another user & got that error. i even installed a new forum with only myself on the forum & added this mod & try to add a new user & got the same thing, but i noticed that after installing this mod it updated from v1.0.0 to v1.0.1
i'm running phpBB 3.0.0 with X-Treme style. any idea's why it did this error & won't let add the new user
p.s. is there a way to not have it update to see if the 1.0.0 will work instead of the update to 1.0.1
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Re: [I need Help] acp_add_user_mod

Postby John Hjorth » 31 Dec 2007, 07:51

Locked again as per message from Highway of Life in other topic. Please post support questions in the MOD topic.
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