[SOLVED]Adding sql database inserts to phpbb3.0 Install Scri

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[SOLVED]Adding sql database inserts to phpbb3.0 Install Scri

Postby bbrian017 » 21 Jun 2007, 09:08

I'm putting together a Fully Loaded phpbb3.0 Pre Modded package and I would like to add these Insert to the Standard phpbb3.0 Installation process so my users don't have to manually insert the sql commands. If anyone could guide me through this it would be forever great full of me. :D

This is the Insert that need to happen during the install...

Code: Select all
INSERT INTO phpbb_acl_options( auth_option, is_global, is_local ) VALUES ('f_points', 0, 1);

ALTER TABLE `phpbb_users` ADD `user_points` INT( 11 ) NOT NULL DEFAULT '0';

I don't have a clue what file this needs to be added to and or if it's even that easy.

Thanks in advance :)
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