IBurn's Icon Pack [phpbb 3.0.x]

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IBurn's Icon Pack [phpbb 3.0.x]

Postby IBurn36360 » 07 Feb 2011, 04:10

Author: IBurn36360
Phpbb Versions: 3.0.x
Style: Prosilver

Description: This is a little Icon pack made for darker colored forums. This has replacements for all of the forum and topic base icons (Not the user selected ones) using a simple, but effective changes to distinguish from each icon. Each one has retained its original phpbb 3.0.x name, that allows it to be uploaded into your imageset folder and automatically take its place over your older phpbb icons.




The border of each icon represents the ownership of posts, if the border is red, then that user has posted there. The arrow symbolizes if there is any unread posts, making it easy to distinguish them from other topics. Sticky's and announcements have the same symbolism that Prosilver had to begin with, leaving little confusion with them. This icon pack, from my experience, does not work well with bright forums, although I am prone to being wrong (often).

I hope everyone who decides to download this package enjoys it, and remember to refresh you imageset when you upload them.


NOTE: If I forgot any, please tell me via PM or post below, thank you.
IBurn's Icon Pack.zip
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