How Secure is your site? How Secure are sites you visit?

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How Secure is your site? How Secure are sites you visit?

Postby mtotheikle » 30 Apr 2009, 20:08

Thursday afternoon Twitter CEO Biz Stone confirmed that a Admin Twitter account was breached Wednesday afternoon. While the breach was not because of script vulnerabilities such as SQL, xss or a backdoor. It was simply because the hacker was able to gain access to this users Yahoo account which held his Twitter password. More information on this can be found here: ... _hack.html.

How can you prevent an attack like this?

Obviously the best way to secure your account is too create secure, hard to guess, passwords. If you haven't read "Protect your sites with real passwords" by Jeff, AKA Topdown, I would recommend it. On your own site you can make sure users have secure passwords by creating password requirements and also advising or forcing any users with special privileges on your site to change their password every 60 days or so.

As always, never think you are safe from someone trying to breach your account however they may try to gain access, always change your passwords, use different passwords on every site, and even change you security questions once in awhile.
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