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Star Trek: 10 Hilarious Picard Memes To Get You Ready For His Solo Series

Trekkies rejoice, for a new series based on one of the most famous Star Trek characters in all the fandom is boldly coming to CBS. Picard, based on the life of Jean-Luc Picard twenty years after his appearance on Star Trek: Next Generation, is set to bring fans up to speed on what the famous Starfleet captain has been up to. In the trailer for the new series, we see an older, more mature Picard in a montage of scenes at what looks to be his family winery, Chateau Picard. A voice asks him why he chose to leave Starfleet, implying that he’s turned his back on what he’d formerly devoted his life to.

Picard’s leadership style, favoring diplomacy and moral integrity over fancy showboating for his crew and grandstanding to the Admiralty made him the polar opposite to previously beloved Captain Kirk, but fans grew to appreciate and admire his perspective. And of course, it provided us with some amazing memes. So without further ado, some hilarious Picard memes to get you ready for the premier!


One of the most interesting things about Jean-Luc Picard (of which there are many) is that he comes from a family of vintners. He often took time to visit his family's vineyards Chateau Picard in France, a frequent bastion of relaxation and serenity the Starfleet captain used to regroup and collect his thoughts while captain of the Enterprise. In the Picard trailer we see shots of the vineyard itself, and a brief shot of wine bottles being crated, which resulted in this glorious meme.

If True Bloodmarketing included bottles of "true blood" you could purchase and drink, and Game of Throneshad marketing beer involving taps that looked like Ghost's head and the Iron Throne, perhaps we will soon see some wine from Picard in stores? Until then, look for the real Chateau Picard wine from St. Augustine, with no relation to the show.


Game of Throneswas known for its gritty and dark ambiance, highlighted to the most extreme in its last season when some shots were so dark viewers almost couldn't differentiate a goblet of mead from a Starbucks coffee cup. Memes erupted after a lone paper coffee cup was left by someone in a frame of Dany seated at a table in Winterfell, an oversight of the crew that viewers thought a large budget project wouldn't make.

One of the grittier episodes of Next Generation involved Picard being tortured by Cardassians for covert information. The psychological torture being inflicted involved making Picard see things that weren't really there, like this Earth cup from the 21st century.


While other members of Starfleet may allow their ethics to cloud their reasoning when it comes to coming to the aid of an underdeveloped civilization in need, Starfleet captains cannot afford such moral compromisation. The Prime Directive states that Starfleet cannot under any circumstances assist a pre-warp capable civilization under any circumstances, and while other captains have succumbed to violating the Prime Directive (Janeway, Kirk), Picard took his oath very seriously.

Behind that austere countenance and cup of earl grey tea lies a fiendishly clever mind, capable of astute observations of the ramifications of deciding on courses of action that imperil the integrity of Starfleet. The weight of this might have been what leads him to leave Starfleet inPicard.


Science fiction as a genre has always predicted the future to some extent, be it through changes in socioeconomics or technology, and nowhere has that been more apparent than in Star Trek. It gave us touch screen technology, comm links, and tablets before we ever saw versions of those objects in our everyday lives.

Now that Amazon is developing drone technology, it continues to feel like we're all living in an episode of Next Generation. It makes us wonder what new tech we'll see in Picard, especially since it takes place 20 years into the future. We just hope Picard is with the times, unlike this meme.


Picard wasn't a captain known for taking time away from his duties. When he finally decided to go to Risa for some shore leave, he almost didn't know what to do with himself. A self-described workaholic, he tried to find enjoyment in books by the pool, but found his mind continuously drawn back to his responsibilities back on board the Enterprise.

That all changed when he met Vash, an adventurer with a penchant for archaeology. They bonded over their love of ancient artifacts and civilizations, with Picard finding himself falling for the spirited woman. Unfortunately for Picard, Vash was using him to gain access to an ancient artifact she planned to sell once she had left Risa. We like to think she still helped to make his vacation memorable.


Picard wasn't a pacifist, but he believed in Starfleet's continuous devotion to finding diplomatic solutions to intergalactic conflict. That being said, when the Borg was a threat in Season 2 of Next Generation, he agreed to undergo battle simulations to fully prepare for having to engage with the enemy.

He valued diplomatic resolution but when pressed, understood the necessity of violence when left with no other defensive choice. We can only imagine that if the wifi signal ever went out on the Enterprise, Picard would adopt a similar ideology. There are instances where violence isn't the answer, then there's being unable to stream the new Picardseries.


As excited as Trekkies were for Star Trek: Discovery, the execution left them feeling conflicted. On the one hand, it was great to have a new Star Trek series to binge, but on the other hand, the look of the series and its central characters weren't very "Star Trek". It took place years prior to Kirk and Co.'s five-year mission on the Enterprise, but visually it looked more polished and sophisticated than during that era.

Admittedly this had more to do with the fact that the original series took place in the '60s, and reflected the aesthetic and budgetary constraints of the time. Trekkies are hoping for the best with Picard. Since the series takes place 20 years after Nemesis, and it will feature fan-favorite characters from Next Generation, it should have just the right elements to be successful.


While not everyone can be said to share the same fervor for the Picard series as Trekkies, it’s safe to say that most people can acknowledge the contribution to pop culture that Next Generation made. It was the first new incarnation of Star Trek in decades, reviving the series after the movies with the cast of the original show began to lose their appeal.

Will the new series please everyone? No, much like how Star Trek: Discovery didn’t appeal to all fans of Star Trek. Some loved it for its innovation and fresh take on an old IP, while others said it was too different and didn’t capture the spirit of the original.


It seems like every network these days has its own streaming service. Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Hulu lead the pack of streaming content providers, offering their own unique programming as well as thousands of other movies and television shows. CBS All Access rolled out their service with Star Trek: Discovery as its flagship series, hoping it would be like HBO's Game of Thrones.

Unfortunately, it didn't receive the universal ardor of all Trekkies, and many of them resented getting CBS All Access just to watch it and be disappointed by its departure from key fandom elements. Picard will now also premiere on CBS All Access, with no other way to watch the program except through its exclusive service. Will fans renew their accounts to boldly go where no one has gone before?


The LCARS of a starship is its streamlined graphical user interface, an instrument panel that can be accessed anywhere on board. Using voice commands and touch screen keypads, crew members could access computers, bridge stations, consoles, and their tricorders. The design was requested by Gene Roddenberry to look less “busy” and more advanced technologically than the Original Series.

In the trailer for Picard, a retired Jean-Luc Picard fondles several grapevines on his family chateau, presumably reveling in the tactile stimulation that a LCARS couldn’t provide. What are touch screens and voice commands to leafy leaf goodness? Picard clearly values communing with nature after a lifetime in service to Starfleet.