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The Dungeons & Dragons Classes Of Star Trek Voyagers’ Crew

Say what you will about the plot or storylines of Star Trek: Voyagerbut the show did take the concept of the original series to another level. A short mission became an extended expedition into unknown territory, and the ship had gone so far it was even beyond where no one had gone before. Lost in the Delta Quadrant, the stakes were much higher for the crew of Voyager than any other Star Trek series.

If a player of Dungeons and Dragons was also watching Star Trek, they might conclude that the module for Voyager was a clever idea on the part of the creator and Dungeon Master to give an adventuring party a more difficult challenge. Here are few of the D&D classes you can find on Star Trek: Voyager.

9 Tuvok, Rogue

Not every Rogue is a pickpocket that lives in the gutter. The Rogue that stands behind the throne and knows every word of palace intrigue is the same class, maybe even the same alignment. Espianoge is a Rogue skill and Tuvok's specialty, and he's extremely good at it. He successfully infiltrated Chakotay's crew in the very first episode.

Fans of the show often argue that Janeway didn't so much "pass over" the XO position from Tuvok to Chakotay, but strategically did so to keep Tuvok in a more obscure, and therefore more useful, position. Given his talent to see and hear virtually everything that happens on the ship, he's a valuable asset to the Captain.

8 Kes, Cleric

Who doesn't love Kes? In the early seasons, her high charisma and Chaotic Good alignment made her everyone's favorite character. For fans of the Star Trek franchise, her concern for the feelings and well-being of the crew above everything else make her like Dr. McCoy of Star Trek: The Original Series, but without the snarky demeanor.

Even the rough Tom Paris loved her at one point. Like other Clerics, she turned out to be more powerful than anyone suspected, and the drama that ensued engulfed everyone who knew her.

7 Neelix, Bard

Faithfully devoted to his partner Kes as much as the crew of Voyager, the self-proclaimed Officer of Crew morale and the main source of the show's comic relief couldn't be anything but a Bard. Along with singing and cooking, he often joins away teams on their missions and has proven his bravery on several occasions.

It was Neelix that rescued the beloved Kes, giving the Voyager crew one of its most valuable players. His mistakes are often well-intentioned ones that have more benefit than drawbacks in the end, like turning the Captain's private dining room into an old-school galley and mess hall.

6 Kathryn Janeway, Wizard

Janeway has a natural talent for leadership and spent several years training to be a Captain, and study is the providence of Wizards. She has a talent for literature, especially the dark Romantic Period that gave us artists like Byron, Shelly, and the Brontë sisters. Her alignment seems to waver from Lawful to Chaotic and between Good and Neutral, another trait typical of the spellcasting classes.

She keeps her crew together as they trek home, using almost any means at her disposal even those that violate Federation protocols. Often Wizards are put in positions of leadership or diplomacy during times of crises, such as Gandalf the Grey from The Lord of the Ringsor Jaina Proudmoore from World of Warcraft, so it makes sense that this is Janeway's class.

5 Tom Paris, Fighter

Paris starts out with a wavering alignment, going from what might be Neutral Evil to Neutral Good, then to Chaotic or even Lawful Good. He even went to prison for doing the right thing, which must have been a bitter pill to swallow, but it says something about the depth of his loyalty.

He could have been a Rogue, but he chose to turn away from that life when he accepted Janeway's offer to be Voyager's Helmsman. By the end of the show, he's a family man who might even be Lawful Good. That's one way to play a multi-class Fighter character, which has a lot of possibilities for a role-player.

4 Seven Of Nine, Warlock

Most of Seven of Nine's abilities come from her time spent with the Borg, one of the most fearsome enemies in the Star Trek universe. A Warlock has some of the same traits, drawing their power from an otherworldly entity that is often malevolent, unpredictable, and over-powered.

The Borg itself has a Neutral or Lawful Evil alignment, and we can assume that Seven of Nine had the same one before she was freed. She spends much of the show trying to figure that out, or in other words, remember what it was like to be human. It's an interesting way to play a character that makes a dramatic shift in alignment and has powers that they don't understand.

3 Chakotay, Ranger

It seems from his family history that his father wanted to make a Barbarian out of him, but Chakotay was drawn towards more complex pursuits in his youth. He always had a talent with a bow and arrow and hand-to-hand combat, and he had some success as a boxer, which means he is proficient in both melee and distance fighting.

He was a talented young Starfleet cadet and Admiral Sulu recommended him for Academy personally. His alignment wavers like his personality but is always well-intended, and his straightforward nature often fails to detect dishonesty in others. The wilderness that Chakotay has to guide his companions through might not be a forest or a desert, but it's still an uncharted place that needs his strength and intuition, making him very much a Ranger.

2 B'Elanna Torres, Sorcerer

Torres had a lot of natural talent from the very start, she just didn't take to the confines of school very well. In order to pursue a successful engineering career, she had to learn to control her temper and her talents. The traits of her strong personality are inherent and can be traced back to her mixed ancestry of Klingon and Human.

She was one of the former Maquis resistors who joined the Voyager crew. Sorcerers often have a similar backstory that includes a rebellious streak, natural talent, and mysterious and turbulent family history. Often a younger spellcaster finds their true calling when they find a mentor with similar talents and a strong sense of discipline. Janeway the Wizard had some positive influence on the wayward Torres early in the series, guiding the former rebel to a position as Chief Engineer.

1 The Doctor, Monk

He lives a solitary life, confined to a certain area, is a font of knowledge for his party, and doesn't emote very well or often. He might not practice martial arts, but he does have an intimate and detailed knowledge of human anatomy. Just location and personality are strong indicators of his class.

If that wasn't enough to convince you that the Doctor is a Monk, consider that Dexterity and Wisdom are the most important stats for this class, and they work well for a surgeon or healer, too. Like other Monks, he is overlooked initially and seen only as a supporting character, only to become one of the most interesting and crucial of all.