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Star Trek: Picard Poster Gives Patrick Stewart a Canine Companion

A new poster for Star Trek: Picard returns Patrick Stewart to his iconic role, and also gives him a canine companion. 25 years after signing off as the captain of the Starship Enterprise on Star Trek: The Next Generation, and 17 years after last playing the venerable captain on the big screen in Star Trek: Nemesis, Stewart is set to return as an older post-Starfleet Jean-Luc Picard in CBS All Access' new streaming series, which is scheduled to debut in late 2019.

Details are scarce as to what specifically will happen on the new series, but speculation is that the story will take place in a new century while also looking back on Picard's own past. Leading the new series will be showrunner Michael Chabon, an interesting choice for the role in that he is mostly known as a novelist and has limited experience as a genre writer with Hollywood beyond pitching some X-Men and Fantastic Four story ideas years ago. Perhaps there will be more revelations about what Chabon, Stewart and company have up their sleeves when Picardheads to San Diego Comic-Con as part of the Star Trek panel planned for Hall H.

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As fans wait to find out more details about Star Trek: PicardStewart himself today offered a new tease in the form of a poster image posted on his Twitter account. See the full poster in the space below:

As with the previous Picard teaser, the new poster once again places the former Starfleet captain in his favorite setting, his old family vineyard, again emphasizing that at least at the beginning of the new series Picard has left his life as captain of the Enterprise far behind. The biggest new detail in the poster is the presence of Picard's dog, who has a clearly visible Starfleet insignia dangling from his collar. Stewart himself cuts an iconic figure as he stands above his sprawling vineyard, with futuristic buildings rising in the far distance. Interestingly, the rays of the sun appear to form the outline of a planet, a possible hint that Picard's past as a Starfleet captain still looms over him in the some way, or that returning to space is part of his future whether he likes it or not.

This very early glimpse of Star Trek: Picard gives little away, as one would expect given how far off the series' premiere still is. As much as the show's secrets are thus far being guarded, it's fairly obvious that the new series will see a reluctant Picard called back to action in some way. It remains to be seen what precise threat, possibly from Picard's own past, could be powerful enough to drag him away from his peaceful life of making wine and hanging out with his dog.

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