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Star Trek: Discovery Season 3 Will Introduce a New Captain

Star Trek: Discovery co-showrunner and executive producer Michelle Paradise has confirmed that the USS Discovery will be getting a new captain in the show's third season. Paradise shared this in comments after a CBS panel at this year's Television Critics Association Press Tour in Beverly Hills.

The captain's chair on Star Trek: Discovery has seen more turnover than any of her on-screen predecessors in the earlier Star Trek series and films. Captain Gabriel Lorca, who led the ship through the Klingon War in the show's first season, actually originated from the evil Mirror Universe. Lorca died in a failed plot to overthrow that universe's emperor, Philippa Georgiou. He was replaced by Christopher Pike, captain of the pre-Kirk Enterprise, in season two. In the season finale, Discovery and a skeleton crew traveled from a time period shortly before Star Trek's Original Series to 930 years in the show's future, leaving Pike behind. This means Discovery is without a captain once again.

At a panel called "Impact Storytelling" hosted by CBS Television Studios (via: Slash Film), Paradise said, “I think we, as a show, I feel like we really found our tone in season twoWe found, I think, a wonderful mix of heart and character and adventure and fun and funny and action." She acknowledged the most recent shake up on Discovery's bridge, saying:

Paradise also revealed that not only would Star Trek: Discovery start season 3 in the 32nd century, the ship wouldn't be returning home. "We're there and we're living there," she said. The show's design team is working hard to build a world that's futuristic even by Star Trek's standards. "What does that future look like?" Paradise asked. "What does that technology look like?"

There are certainly plenty of options available to lead Star Trek: Discovery as it navigates this new millennium. Commander Saru has served as Discovery's acting captain on multiple occasions, and has developed beyond his species' innate timidity. Emperor Philippa Georgiou has extensive leadership experience, although her Mirror Universe morality is often in direct conflict with Starfleet's idealism. Plus, she's likely to leave the ship at some point during the season, as Michele Yeoh will be starring in a new Section 31-focused series. Commander Michael Burnham has gone from being a criminal and pariah to the hero of the Federation. There's also the possibility that the ship's new captain will once again be a character new to the ship, like newcomer David Ajala's character, Cleveland Booker. The Star Trek: Discovery team has been rather successful at avoiding major leaks, so fans likely won't learn who's sitting in the big chair until the show returns sometime in late 2020.

Source: Slash Film