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Star Trek: Picard Is A Hybrid Of Discovery & Next Generation

CBS All Access' Star Trek: Picard has been described as a hybrid of Star Trek: Discovery and Star Trek: The Next Generation. The series sees the legendary Starfleet captain return to the career that made him a hero, many years after resigning in the aftermath of a mission that mentally scarred him and spending the subsequent time living in solitary retirement on his family vineyard, with no companionship expect his dog.

Along with Patrick Stewart, Picard will feature several members of the cast of The Next Generation and Voyager reprising their characters. However, it won’t be a simple retread of the series of decades past and will instead see Picard in command of a new crew assembled from an assortment of misfits as they embark on a mission to aid a mysterious young woman being hunted for initially unclear reasons.

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The news about the mix of what we can expect from Picard came from Trekmovie, amidst a litany of reporting on numerous developments of the various new and returning shows within the universe of Star Trek, which was revealed at the Television Critics Association's Summer Press Tour. Specifically, it was stated to be comparable to Discovery in terms of its size and scope, while its similarities to The Next Generation were in regard to its approach to character and storytelling.

It was also acknowledged that the paradigm of TV storytelling has shifted in the years since the latter’s final episode, which aired in 1994, but asserted that the comparison is still a valid one. As a general rule, TV in the modern day has become far more serialized than episodic; instead of consisting of an assortment of 42-minute tales featuring the same characters, each season will more often than not be an hours-long single story told over multiple episodes, with any incidental developments being one-shot occurrences that nevertheless serve a specific purpose in the larger narrative.

If the statement of Picard being this kind of mix is in any way accurate, it will make for the show being something special. The scale of Discovery’s production is a large part of its success and brought in a spate of new fans who were previously put off the franchise for its reputation for retro kitsch. Likewise, the dedication to character was one of the things that made The Next Generation so popular, although admittedly this was at times focused on to the detriment of any actual excitement or adventure. The two of these combined at that level - a high production scale fused with intimate, character-driven storytelling - should result in Star Trek: Picard being something to look forward to even more.

Source: Trekmovie