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Cody Rhodes Dons Star Trek Gear for AEW All Out

All Elite Wrestling will soon be heading to television this Fall, and it's doing the best showcase for interested fans as possible with the latest pay-per-view event All Out. As the name would suggest, the talent involved has gone "all out" in order to put their best foot forward and highlights one of the special reasons wrestling fans have come to love the promotion. Unlike the more character cemented WWE, in which some stars are able to give shout outs to comic books and the like with their gear, there isn't much experimentation.

The same cannot be said for Code Rhodes, who came into his match with Shawn Spears donning full gear inspired by Star Trek. It's appropriate considering Rhodes will be shooting for the stars with All Elite Wrestling.

Cody Rhodes entered the ring decked out in gear representative of the commanding officers of Star Trek: Voyager and The Next Generation era Starfleet uniforms. Accompanying him was veteran Diamond Dallas Page, also fittingly wearing a commanding officer's uniform, and Brandi Rhodes went all out herself with a suit reminiscent of Voyager's breakaway favorite Seven of Nine.


It's pretty neat to see the Star Trek to get a shout out like this considering that it is enjoying quite a bit of time in the limelight lately. Star Trek: Discovery is currently underway on CBS All Access, and the franchise will be getting a notable new entry featuring the return of Jeri Ryan's Seven of Nine and Patrick Stewart's Jean-Luc Picard in Star Trek: Picard next year.

All Elite Wrestling's All Out event is now currently underway at the Sears Centre in Chicago, Illinois. You can currently tune in through the B/R Live streaming service for $49.99 USD. The full card for the pay-per-view event is as follows: