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How The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance Sets Up a Season 2

WARNING: The following article contains spoilers for The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance, now streaming on Netflix.

By the time Netflix's The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance ends, it's pretty obvious the series is angling for a season or two more as it doesn't conclude anywhere close to where the 1982 Jim Henson movie kicks off.

There's still a lot more room to fill as the 10 episodes conclude with the rise of the Gelfling rebellion and the Skeksis improving their arsenal for further war.

With that in mind, let's look at the gaps to be plugged and what a Season 2 could offer as the heroes try to pave the way for Aughra, the Mystics, and most of all, Jen and Kira to save Thra years later from damnation and extinction.

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Season 1 ends with the crystal shard being found in the Stonewood forest when Deet absorbs the Darkening and fires it at the Skeksis army. Brea picks the shard up after it splits from the Dual Glaive and Aughra recognizes it's the missing piece that needs to be put back at the Castle of the Crystal, all so Thra could heal following the Skeksis draining the planet.

A second season can look at the symbol of resistance the crystal becomes and whether or not the all-powerful Deet or Aughra can weaponize it or use its properties for good, especially as they've got the seven Gelfling clans uniting to seek revenge against the Skeksis.

The mystical wall Jen found still needs to be built, too, so clearly, there's another chapter in the shard's story to be told, especially as Aughra would end up keeping it in her reclusive orrery for Jen decades later.


The '80s film showed us, through Kira's dreamfasts, how the Garthim (cockroach-like monsters) helped eradicate the Gelflings, even rounding them up so the Skeksis could drain their essence. This series has a post-credits scene with the Scientist creating the Garthim by combining the DNA of Gruenaks and the Arathim, all to produce obedient hunters.

While a rebellion has been formed with Rian leading the way, we know his species has to fail and be wiped out. Another season could follow them falling to the Garthim, as Deet's vision did suggest she could become evil due to the Darkening and try to seize Thra for herself.

Clearly, Deet's another potential enemy for the Gelflings so we're eager to see who they can trust, how their enemies rebound and that eventual path that leads to their extinction.


The film revealed Jen was left in the care of the Mystics, who believed he was a chosen one and the Gelfling to bring balance back to the galaxy.

He does look a lot like Rian from this show, but seeing as Rian's girlfriend, Mira, was killed and Deet's seemingly corrupted, we don't know if Rian did indeed father Jen and who exactly was the mother. This creates a dramatic, soap-opera avenue for the show to follow to keep fans guessing in a second season.

As for Kira, Deet's dreamfast showed a woman running through the forest, chased by Garthim and hiding a baby. Fans believe this is Kira's mom with her, as she's looking to hide the baby.

The series is foreshadowing the birth of these new saviors, and with Rian looking an awful lot like Jen (not to mention, Deet saw the former healing the crystal in a vision), fans are excited to see how the Gelfling legacy will live on in the upcoming season.


Aughra dealt with a lot of guilt as she was the one who offered the crystal to the urSkeks in exchange for the ability to roam the cosmos mentally. By the time the series concludes, the humans are preparing to strike back and Aughra is a celebrity, trying to harness the crystal shard to defend herself and her people.

However, we still need to see how Aughra got tied up in a prophecy that detailed the saviors to come in Jen and Kira, and more so, how the all-seeing Aughra would handle not having to be a recluse and instead, socialize with the Gelflings.

In the film, she was hiding in her observatory so we need to see how she stored the shard, as well as what drove her to become a loner, staying away from all the Mystics once the extermination occurred.


In the film, the Mystics raised Jen and at the end, they come to reunite with the Skeksis once the stars aligned. Other than that we didn't find out much more, but a Season 2 of the TV series could move away from the one Mystic (aka the Heretic) at the Circle of the Sun, and improve on what we saw with Archer too. We do know they'd end up far from the castle, hiding only to return when the stars aligned.

Thus, the Gelflings could now use clues from the Heretic and Conqueror to go seek out the other Mystics as part of a plan of attack against the Skeksis.

This would pave the way for Jen being left with them and also, we'd learn more about the Mystics and how hiding out works for them, even though the Skeksis is destroying Thra through the guzzling down of all natural resources.

Streaming now on Netflix, The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance is directed by Louis Leterrier, and features the voice talents of Taron Egerton, Anya Taylor-Joy, Nathalie Emmanuel , Caitriona Balfe, Helena Bonham Carter, Harris Dickinson, Natalie Dormer, Eddie Izzard, Theo James, Toby Jones, Shazad Latif, Gugu Mbatha-Raw, Mark Strong, Alicia Vikander, Harvey Fierstein, Mark Hamill, Ralph Ineson, Jason Isaacs, Keegan-Michael Key, Ólafur Darri Ólafsson, Simon Pegg, Andy Samberg and Donna Kimball.