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Noah Hawley Says His ‘Star Trek’ Movie Will Have a ‘New Cast’

Star Trek may boldly go on a search for new actors.

In a new interview with The Hollywood Reporter, writer/director Noah Hawley cleared the air about his upcoming Star Trek film. While the movie was initially billed as the fourth movie starring Chris Pine, Zachary Quinto, and the rest of the so-called “Kelvin” timeline cast, Hawley now strongly hints that they won’t appear after all.

Hawley told THR that calling his movie “Star Trek IV” would be “kind of a misnomer” and that he has his “own take on the franchise as a life-long fan”:

Hawley also claimed his vision for Star Trek he pitched to Paramount is “different” than the recent franchise, comparing it to “William Shatner putting on his reading glasses and lowering Khan's shields, which cost like $9.50” in Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan. Not a ton of reading glasses in the J.J. Abrams Star Trek movies.

If this is all accurate, it’s disappointing. I love the new Star Trek cast, and while I haven’t loved all their movies (*cough Star Trek Into Darkness cough*) they’ve contributed some really great films to the world of Trek and they should have gotten more than three adventures together. I’m still curious about Hawley’s film, but I would have been more interested in it with Pine, Quinto, and the rest.

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