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Star Trek 4 Will Be A New Beginning, According To Noah Hawley

Director Noah Hawley offered some insight into his upcoming Star Trekfilm (which still might not be the long-awaited Star Trek 4), saying it will be a new beginning. While the Star Trek franchise has found some stability on television thanks to its CBS All-Access offerings, the film side has struggled in recent years. The first two films in the rebooted alternate timeline were hits, but the third installment, Star Trek Beyond, struggled at the box office. Initial plans for Star Trek 4, which would have seen the return of Chris Hemsworth as George Kirk, hit a snag after negotiations fell through, leaving the future of the franchise in question.

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Last November, Hawley was officially tapped to write and direct the next Star Trek film. At the time, reports did not specify if Hawley's film would be a part of the Chris Pine-led series or not, but it was assumed he would be helming Star Trek 4. This gave fans some hope that the reboot cast, which also includes Zachary Quinto, Zoe Saldana, and Karl Urban, would return for at least one more adventure. However, recent comments from Simon Pegg (Scotty in the films) suggested that Hawley's Star Trek film wouldn't feature that cast.

While at a Television Critics Association press event for the upcoming season of his hit FX show, Fargo, Hawley spoke about Star Trek 4 (via Collider).He was asked if his film would feature the already-established cast or try something new, and this is what he said:

He also talked about what drew him to the Star Trek franchise in the first place, which ultimately was because the series is "about being human, about diversity and exploration and outsmarting your opponent, as opposed to destroying your opponent through your physical might." Additionally, he said, "I’m excited to see characters used in new ways, or new characters, or whatever it is." This suggests that keeping the reboot cast on isn't entirely out of the question, even if that isn't the current plan. A Star Trek film from Quentin Tarantino is also reportedly an option, though that likely won't have anything to do with the previous films.

Star Trek 4 isn't officially dead, but its future isn't looking great. This is disappointing because, regardless of box office returns, the new trio of Trek films are pretty good. Sure, some may look less fondly on 2013's Star Trek Into Darknessnow, but it was a solid movie that still has its fair share of supporters. Audiences like the cast they've followed for the past three films, and it would be a shame to lose them when there are more stories that could be told. Regardless of whether Pine and Co. return for another adventure on the Enterprise, Hawley's television track record suggests his film, whether it's Star Trek 4or not, will be an exciting one.

Source: Collider