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Star Trek: Picard Could Bring Back Another Classic TNG Character

CBS All Access might bring back everyone's favorite security officer for Star Trek: Picard. Although nothing is set in stone, the new series could possibly bring back Worf, and he'll most likely look like what you remember from Star Trek: The Next Generation.

Executive producers of the upcoming Picard offered a little insight into the rumors at their panel at the Television Critics Association winter press tour. Executive producer Alex Kurtzman told TVline that "it’s totally possible," that Worf and Picard could reunite in the series. “I think Worf is such an amazing character… We didn’t want to just throw people in because they were in Next Gen." He went on to clarify that a Worf return would have to be deliberate and thoughtful, but that "anything is possible."

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Should Worf return, Kurtzman knows exactly how he should look. “No, he’s got to look the same,” Kurtzman said, referring to the Klingons' appearance in The Next Generation. “We’re not changing that." The Klingons in Star Trek: Discovery are noticeably different from their Next Generation counterparts.

Star Trek: Picard stars Patrick Stewart, Alison Pill, Michelle Hurd, Evan Evagora, Isa Briones, Santiago Cabrera, and Harry Treadaway. The series is set to premiere on CBS All Access Jan. 23, 2020.