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New ‘Picard’ Trailer Reminds Us the New ‘Star Trek’ Series Premieres This Week

CBS All Access has released a new trailer for Star Trek: Picard. The upcoming sequel series follows Jean-Luc Picard (Patrick Stewart) coming out of retirement to go on a new mission with a new crew.

CBS has been heavily marketing the show as a way to get people hooked on CBS All Access (I saw plenty of ads yesterday during the AFC Championship game), but CBS All Access just doesn’t have the goods to warrant its $10/month price tag. The back catalogue of great CBS series is thin, and when it comes to new programming, I’m not that hard up for episodes of Star Trek: Discovery and Picard (I hear The Good Fight is good, but I never watched The Good Wife, so I’m not that invested).

But even if you think it may be worth it for Picard on its own, I’m skeptical. In our hearts, we think it’s going to be like a return to the good old days of Star Trek: The Next Generation. But there’s just as much reason to believe it could be more in the vein of Star Trek: Insurrection or Star Trek: Nemesis. Just because TNG finds a way to continue, it doesn’t mean that continuation is automatically worthwhile.

Check out the new Star Trek: Picard trailer below. The series premieres on CBS All Access on Thursday.

Here’s the official synopsis for Star Trek: Picard:


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