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“Star Trek: Picard”: Jonathan Del Arco’s Hugh Evokes Both His Late Partner’s Memory, Own Life

Jonathan Del Arco is in a unique position as a Star Trek actor. As a series non-regular on Star Trek: The Next Generation, Hugh became one of the most memorable characters among the first Borg to be liberated from the Collective. He gets to reprise the role for Star Trek: Picard. Del Arco spoke toUK’s Metro about when he auditioned for the role of Hugh/Third of Five in the Star Trek: TNGepisode “I, Borg”.

In channeling his partner, Del Arco came upon a revelation to “turn himself off”:

Del Arco vs… Mr. Robot?!?

Del Arco found out he wasn’t alone in the Star Trek audition, as he was set to compete with the more-established Christian Slater (Mr. Robot):

Slater would see his Trek dream be fulfilled with a walk-on role in Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country as a crewman who summons Captain Sulu (George Takei) to his quarters on the U.S.S. Excelsior.

“Star Trek: Picard”: What Changed?

After the TNG episode aired in its fifth season, Del Arco reprised the role in the season six cliffhanger “Descent” in 1993. He returns to the role once more – 27 years later – in Picard.

Star Trek: Picard premieres on CBS All Access on Thursday, January 23rd.

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