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Star Trek Picard: The Romulans picked the perfect base (Spoilers)

Star Trek Picard revealed that the Romulans are using an abandoned Borg cube as a science outpost for all of their nefarious experiments.

Spoilers for episode one below

Fans were shocked when the folks at Star Trek: Picard rolled out the big revelation at the end of the first episode of the new series and revealed that the Romulans were using a re-built Borg cube as a hideout of sorts for their dastardly deeds.

It may be wrong to refer to the Romulans scientific exploits as ‘dastardly’ but as was emphasized in the premiere of Picard, they are the greatest enemy that Star Fleet has ever had. The move to essentially pair the two vastly different, but still, somehow similar species like that was a great idea in a sea of interesting if not a bit confusing ones.

A set-piece like a reclaimed Borg cube can only be used for one thing; a final battle of sorts. Should the series come into the first season finale with some sort of big battle at the cube, then we’re sure to see something truly memorable. Will the old and frail Picard be able to deal with the sheer intensity and magnitude of having to step foot onto a Borg cube for the first time in decades?

What happens if this isn’t just a set-piece? What if the new Synths somehow attract the Borg and bring the most dangerous of Star Fleet’s enemies back to the Alpha Quadrant? Forcing Picard to watch as those he’s grown to love to get snatched one-by-one by a Borg Collective that just became somehow even more terrifying with the synthetic technology now assimilated into their collective?

Or it could just be the place where Picard negotiates some sort of peace treaty and then the credits roll. Who knows? Guess everyone will just have to watch to see how it plays out.


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