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Star Trek: What Happened to Geordi La Forge After TNG

Geordi La Forge was one of the most memorable and well-loved characters from the iconic Star Trekrevival show Star Trek: The Next Generation; where did his character end up after the series ended? With the recent premiere of Star Trek: Picard, which offers long-time fans considerably more Star Trek nostalgia than Discovery ever did, the franchise has been given a renewed vigor, drawing in old fans and creating an entirely new generation of Trekkies. Picard is having a similar effect on the franchise that The Next Generationhad when it first premiered, so it seems only natural that fans would want to revisit the iconic sequel series.

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The Next Generation featured Patrick Stewart as Captain Jean-Luc Picard, a tea-drinking, peacemaking Frenchman who preferred diplomacy over the more rough-and-tumble leadership style that Captain Kirk favored. By Picard's side were a slew of legendary characters that have since become immortalized in Trek legend as some of the best the franchise has had to offer, such as the endearingly innocent android Data and the mischievously omnipotent being Q.

One of those beloved characters is Lieutenant Commander Geordi La Forge, a blind Starfleet officer who served as a helmsman on Picard's ship, the Enterprise-D. Geordi was a loyal crewmember and a trusted officer whose engineering prowess got the Enterprise out of many a sticky situation, eventually becoming the ship's chief engineer. He also had a strong friendship with Data, which remained a primary characteristic of his arcs in both the films and the movies. With Picard beginning, audiences have gotten an idea of what happens to Picard, Data, Troi, and Riker, but what about Geordi?

In The Next Generation, Geordi's last appearance is in the show's finale "All Good Things," which ends with he and his core crewmates amicably playing a game of poker. After the events of TNG, the next portion of Geordi's timeline is during the TNG films: Generations, First Contact, Insurrection, and NemesisGeordi helps Data with the activation and use of his emotion chip during Star Trek: Generations, and is shortly kidnapped by Doctor Tolian Soran when Data is unable to respond due to his newfound ability to feel fear. Although he was eventually rescued, Geordi was tortured and his  VISOR was used to cripple the Enterprise, eventually resulting in the ship's destruction. Thankfully, Geordi survived the ordeal, and sometime between the events of Generations and First Contact, he traded out his signature VISOR for a pair of ocular implants.

In First Contact, Geordi successfully persuaded Captain Picard to take the newly christened Enterprise-E to the front lines to battle the Borg, which later caused him and the rest of the crew to be thrown back in time to 2063. It was there that Geordi ended up working side-by-side with one of his heroes, Zefram Cochran. With Geordi and Cochran's help, the Enterprise was able to return to the right time period.

Geordi accompanied Picard on a trip to the planet Ba'ku during Insurrection, where he was temporarily given his natural sight back to to a special planetary quality. Even though it restored his vision, he convinced Picard that the planet shouldn't be exploited for its properties, and in doing so helped save the Ba'ku planet. Lastly, in Nemesis, Geordi ended up helping his best friend Data sacrifice his own life to save the crew, but also assists in creating B-4, another Soong-type android which is identical to Data in appearance and seems to hold at least some of his memories.

According to the Star Trek: Picard Countdown comic, Geordi played a major part in building the Romulan rescue fleet on Mars that was destoryed prior to the events of Star Trek: Picard. However, Picard cited him as a possible option for a crew member on a mission to Romulus, which seems to indicate that Geordi survived the android attack. Given that Data, Troi, and Riker are all set to make appearances, Geordi being alive leaves the door open for LeVar Burton to reprise his role as the iconic engineer at some point during the series.


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