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Saturday Night Seminar: The mighty words of Benjamin Sisko

The Star Trek fandom is more divided than ever, so instead of stoking flames of hate, let’s see if we can’t remember why we all love this franchise.

Star Trek is not meant to tear people apart or to be used as a tool to smack someone over the head with. It is an exercise in morality that prompts constant ethical debates among fans. It is not meant to divide, but instead, inspire. Inspire to bring people together. To tear down the walls that separate us, not put new ones up. The new material may be your favorite thing, or it may drive you bonkers. Either way, there is a property in the Star Trek fandom that you love, which is why you’re here.

When dealing with Trek fans, there seem to be two sides who both believe they represent ‘Trek. Since they represent Trek, they, in turn, don’t feel the otherwise does. This just causes more dissension and more hate. The fandom wants people to cater to their specific interests, regardless or not if the person is a progressive or a conservative. They both argue, they both insult and they both disrespect the other side.

That’s why I think this week’s Seminar should go to Benjamin Sisko. During the last episode of the first season, Commander Benjamin Sisko was talking to his son Jake. Jake was expressing his disapproval of the way the Bjorans deal with the wormhole aliens, calling their belief in them as prophets ‘dumb’. Commander Sisko, always the one to guide his son, reminded him that a difference of opinion is good. That when people begin to be disrespected, that’s when things truly fall apart, saying;

Trek isn’t about keeping people apart, it’s about bringing people together. Whether or not you love or hate the new Trek is truly irrelevant. There’s plenty of material across fifty-some-odd years to keep you entertained no matter your tastes. The minute you start disrespecting parts of the fanbase, you become no better than those you think are the problem.

Only through respect will things truly get better. Keep that in mind the next time you go after someone online over having the nerve to disagree with you. Let’s be better to one another, and remember;

Live Long and Prosper.