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Star Trek: Top Ten Worst Time Travel Disguises

While Star Trek goes on hundreds of wild adventures across its several series, one beloved sci-fi escapade the show can't resist is time travel. Every single unique series always has at least a few timey-wimey episodes up its sleeves. With those episodes often comes disguises. After all, Federation folk aren't the kind that like to be caught out of time. Within seconds of facing a new time, the crew almost always has a new look.

Now, do they always pick great outfits? Absolutely not. If anything, half the time travel outfits are an absolute mess. So let's list the ugliest of the ugly.

10 Spock in "All Our Yesterdays"

This episode, in general, has some faulty logic, taking Kirk, Bones, and Spock back in time and (somehow) that reverts Spock to what Vulcans were like pre-emotional conditioning. Because of this, he starts falling for a cave-woman.

Now, throughout most of the episode, these guys just wear their normal uniforms. But, to try to be more "ice age," they have these huge fur coats. And worse, Spock tries to get all romantic while wearing one. Sure, Spock having a bit of romance isn't so bad—but in that getup? It's like getting seduced by your creepy great aunt's prized mink. Absolutely not.

9 Worf in "Trials and Tribble-ations"

Non-humans always have some interesting costumes during time travel episodes. Worf was no exception, but his camo-esque garb was easily the worst look in this TOS inspired timeline crossover. Sure, the headwear was to cover his ridges and possibly the garish outfit would distract from his features. However, since Klingons looked very different in that time, no one would probably recognize him, anyway.

While "Trials and Tribble-ations" was a great, fun episode, let's just accept that Worf's look fell super flat. Sisko and Jadzia looked great in old Starfleet uniforms, though.

8 The Ferengi in "Little Green Men"

Sure, it makes sense that disguising the Ferengi at all would be hard, so why would Star Trek even try? However, having them show up in the 1940s with their fully-eared glory is a bit absurd. It colored the entire episode in silliness.

But, since the episode was silly already, they could've at least had the Ferengi try to disguise themselves in civilian clothes, right? Overall, the fact there was a complete lack of any disguises immediately makes this one of the worst time travel outfits. Odo transforming into different objects/creatures to not get caught was pretty great, though.

7 Bashir and Sisko in "Past Tense"

The Federation is known for seeming like a utopia, but Star Trek history has made it clear that the time between our current day and that of the series was tumultuous.

After falling through time, Bashir and Sisko end up in one of the "Sanctuary Districts," a symptom of Earth's eugenics struggle. All mentally ill, disabled, or unemployed people were funneled into these ghettos and left there to suffer. It makes sense that Bashir and Sisko would get dressed in rags to fit in with the other people. However, this isn't about if the outfit made sense. They just objectively weren't great looks, so they end up on this list.

6 The Vorgons in "Captain's Holiday"

Sometimes, time-travelers just don't care if people of the past see them in their "out of time" glory. One great example of this is the Vorgons, a time-traveling species that popped backward to try to get an artifact from Picard and Vash.

Trying to appeal to Picard's compassion and helpful nature, they tried to ask him to ensure they got the artifact, not any Ferengi smugglers of Vash herself. While Picard didn't give the artifact to them, he did destroy it instead. Kind of a wasted trip, so, who needed disguises anyway?

5 Spock's Beanie in "The Edge of Forever"

Now, Spock's beanie in "The Edge of Forever" is not the problem. The Vulcan actually looks pretty cute in it. However, after Spock wore this look, he set an annoying precedent where every Vulcan ever visiting Earth in the past always wore the exact same beanie. It would be acceptable if perhaps some wore loose beanies, others wore different hats, or maybe some wore hoods.

But no. Almost every Vulcan after this wore a black or blue beanie. That's absolutely absurd. Maybe the costume designers mean it as an easter egg, but truly it just made beanies annoying.

4 The Na'kuhl in "Storm Front"

They were alien Nazis. No one needs any more reason than that to hate this and say it was a horrible disguise. But there are also inconsistencies that make Vosk and his friends disguised as Nazis all the worse.

For once, sometimes they did disguise themselves as human. However, most of the time they were their normal Na'kuhl selves, just in Nazi garb. Were they just filling whole rooms with Na'kuhl in Nazi uniforms for fun? One would probably think that their own clothes would make them more comfortable. And, if they have secluded rooms, looking like Na'kuhl but wearing Nazi clothes doesn't fool anyone or serve them any real purpose.

3 Tuvok and Chakotay in "Future's End"

The infamous Vulcan beanie is an offense in itself, especially since a black beanie would be horribly warm in the San Francisco temperatures.

But that's not all. Tuvok otherwise had bizarre clashing colors, Tom had a super campy shirt, and Chakotay's haircut was gross to look at. The only person who looked any good in this episode was Janeway, wearing a boss-ass suit. Voyager was a lot of fun, but who was dressing these men? They all looked bizarre and varying levels of bad. They all deserved better, fun 2000s garb.

2 Janeway and Paris in "Time and Again"

By itself, the outfits in "Time and Again" are not bad. It's just classic slacks and striped orange shirts. However, when everyone on the entire planet wears the same exact striped, orange shirts? That gets weird.

Janeway even looks kinda cute in her shirt, but, the second she's in a crowd, it gets weird. People make fun of Starfleet's pajama uniforms, but these are far worse. The people deserve more variety than different placements of their yellow, green, or if they're really spicy, brown stripe.

1 "Not T'Pol" in "Carbon Creek"

Okay, technically this wasn't time travel, but Enterprise had a fake story episode where T'Pol told a story about her second foremother crashing down to Earth with her scout ship. There, they tried to blend in until someone came to save them.

Between her one plaid dress and the infamous Vulcan beanies, the entire episode was completely extra, but the outfits really drove it home. Even though it was all a made-up story, T'Pol as a character was, in a sense, teleported back in time to tell that story. Anyway, Carbon Creek's drab looks could never be ignored.