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US Lawmakers Advised to Adopt Vulcan Salute to Combat Coronavirus

Sometimes, media can influence the culture in surreal ways. This has never been more obvious than U.S. lawmakers being advised to use the Vulcan salute to curtail the spread of the coronavirus.

According to Tampa Bay News 8,  lawmakers on Capitol Hills were given new instructions on how to protect themselves from the virus. The House of Representatives’ attending physician has been asking them to stop shaking hands or touching people during greetings. He recommended they begin using the split-fingers Star Trek greeting instead when it comes to direct contact with others.

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Some senators have stated they will resist shaking hands with President Trump after he reportedly came in contact with someone who possibly had the infectious virus. The President has apparently refused to take a test to confirm whether or not he had COVID-19.

In the same timeframe, a half dozen lawmakers have placed themselves in quarantine after coming in contact with the same individual.

Besides the government, the outbreak has begun to affect the entertainment industry, leading to movie pushbacks, festival cancellations and virtual television upfronts. Funko has even announced its own "Virtual Con" after all the recent event cancellations. The coronavirus has also  shut down the set of Falcon and the Winter Soldier in Prague.