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Fans wanted the ‘D’, the Enterprise-D that is in this week’s fan poll

It was a battle of the classic Star Trek ships in this week’s Friday Night Fights but it was the Enterprise D that took the win.

Last Friday, fans were tasked with having to choose between the NCC -1701 or the NCC-1701-D in this week’s Friday Night Fights. Both ships are integral to the history of the show and both ships have established fanbases that embrace their respective ships all these years later.

The NCC-1701 is from the original series and set the foundation for what all shows and movies would embrace moving forward. The staple of each property needing a ship started with the original Star Trek.

The NCC-1701-D picked it up a notch and started to really engage fan’s expectations for what the future and franchise could hold. The NCC-1701-D came from the Next Generation series and embraced the idea of the ship as being more than just a vessel but also a community.

When forced to pick, fans went with the larger, more modern ship in the NCC-1701-D. Not too surprising, the second ship to bear the ‘Enterprise’ moniker not only introduced a larger number of fans to the franchise but is widely considered to be the more popular of the two series.

Star Trek: Next Generation launched alongside the success of the original series theatrical run, coming in right after the fifth entry. Yet, it was the Next-Generation spin-off franchises that really cemented the sequel series legacy.

Both ships would eventually be replaced by more modernized versions, but neither ship’s replacement could ever hold a candle to the significance of these original two ships.

It’s hard to pick a ship. Both are classics. Both are iconic. Both are beautiful.

For me though, I’ll take the Eagle 5 any day.

That or Voyager.

Yeah, I said it.


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