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Star Trek Hints At Seven of Nine's Borg Future Post-Picard

Warning: SPOILERS for Star Trek: Picard Season 1, Episode 9

Seven of Nine (Jeri Ryan) could have a new future after Star Trek: Picard: Episode 9 hints that she could start saving the galaxy with the power of her own Borg Cube at her back. Although the Star Trek: Voyager favorite hasn't been one of Picard's crew aboard the hired starship La Sirena, Seven of Nine is arguably Star Trek: Picard's most impactful guest star. And, while the CBS All-Access series has checked in with many of Jean-Luc Picard's (Patrick Stewart) old friends from Star Trek: The Next Generation, only Seven seems poised to have further adventures in the final frontier.

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Seven already saved Picard's bacon when a Romulan Bird-of-Prey attacked La Sirena at the planet Vashti. With Seven's help, Jean-Luc and company rescued Dr. Bruce Maddox (John Ales), the creator of Commander Data's (Brent Spiner) synthetic daughter Soji (Isa Briones) from Freecloud, but the reclaimed Borg also settled an old score. Seven parted ways with Picard and returned to her new outfit, the vigilante group known as the Fenris Rangers, but she left the Starfleet Admiral with an SOS beacon to call her again if she's needed. However, it was Picard's protector Elnor (Evan Evagora) who summoned Seven's help when he was trapped aboard the Borg Cube Artifact after Picard and Soji escaped and Hugh (Jonathan Del Arco) was murdered by Narissa (Peyton List), one of the leaders of the Romulan death squad, the Zhat Vash.

In Star Trek: Picard episode 8, "Broken Pieces", Seven of Nine heroically came to Elnor's rescue and she decided to "steal" the Borg Cube from the Romulans. Although she was filled with trepidation about what this would mean for her, Seven took command of the Queen's Cell and let herself be assimilated so she could repair the Artifact and take command of the Borg within. Thus, Seven effectively became Borg Queen of her own micro-Collective. Although the Romulans jettisoned thousands of Borg Drones into deep space, Seven took control of the XBs, the reclaimed former Borg like her, and they regained control of the Artifact after overwhelming Narissa. With Seven of Nine now in control of the mighty Cube, her first order of business was another heroic move: Helping Picard save the galaxy by following La Sirena to Soji's homeworld, Coppelius, and their final confrontation with the Romulans.

Unfortunately, the Synths living on Coppelius crashed La Sirena and the Artifact with their "Orchids" — massive flower-like flying objects capable of "swallowing" a space craft. But when Picard, Soji, and the others went to the grounded Artifact, instead of devastation, they found Elnor alive and the XBs busy at work repairing their starship. Most importantly, they found Seven of Nine proudly in command and ready to help Picard with his mission against the Romulans. When Seven and Elnor remained behind aboard the Artifact, her playful parting words, "Keep saving the galaxy, Picard," winked at her admiration for his past exploits. But Jean-Luc replied, "That's all on you now." This quip hit hard as it immediately told Seven of Nine and the audience that the baton has been passed and, with the Artifact, she now has the power to truly become a galactic savior.

Essentially, Star Trek: Picard ingeniously took Seven of Nine's arc from Voyager and brought it full-circle: The Borg who was assimilated as a child named Annika Hansen, was reclaimed by the crew led by Captain Kathryn Janeway (Kate Mulgrew), but spent the last 15 years fighting for justice in lawless Romulan space can now forge her own destiny as a leader of her own army of XBs. Even more fittingly, Seven, who fought many battles against the Borg Queen, has ascended to become a de facto queen herself. Indeed, the moment when Seven revealed herself to Picard aboard the Artifact — backed by the Star Trek: Voyager theme — was Trek's most rousing heroic introduction since Admiral Kirk's (William Shatner) appears at the start of Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan.

Star Trek: Picardhas been the story of Jean-Luc going on what he believes to be his final mission but concurrently, the series has deftly set up Seven of Nine's future of saving the galaxy and turning the Borg into heroes — and maybe that could mean Seven gets her own spinoff.

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