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William Shatner Channels Kirk to Deliver Captain's Log During Shelter-In-Place Orders

William Shatner is providing Captain's Logs as Kirk on social media. The Star Trek actor is taking part in his own self-imposed isolation at the moment to help stop the spread of coronavirus. Most of the world is doing the same and only heading out of the house to get groceries or visit a pharmacy. This has led to a lot of entertainment on social media as people try and get through this together. You can read Shatner's first Captain's Log below.

Espresso and Macchiato are Star Trek star William Shatner's beloved dogs, who are more than likely pretty happy to have him home. The actor had to cancel a number of upcoming appearances and sent out some gratitude to fans. "Smiling face with 3 hearts For those canceled appearances I will work towards seeing if I can get back to those venues at some point," he said. On Thursday, Shatner went back to the Captain's Log routine. He had this to say.

It seems that William Shatner's dogs are providing him with some entertainment while he waits for the coronavirus noise to die down. Unfortunately, it might be a little while longer. Thankfully, Shatner, who recently said he'd probably never play Captain Kirk on the big screen again, is at the very least playing the character on social media for fans who need any form of good news they can get right now. You can read Friday's log below.

It sounds like William Shatner is going to continue to provide Captain's Log updates while we're all staying indoors. He also has been live-tweeting during The Unexplained. Other stars have also been trying to do entertain fans on social media. Wonder Woman 1984 star Gal Gadot posted a video of herself and ton of other celebrities singing John Lennon's "Imagine," which did not go over as well as she probably hoped. Comedian Patton Oswalt has been doing stand-up from his front yard, while others are taking part in lengthy Q&As.

With movie theaters shut down across North America, studios have been going through and releasing some material early in order to make up for lost profits and to entertain the public as they stay indoors. Bands have been streaming performances from their practice spaces or bedrooms to fans on social media. William Shatner is just one of the many out there trying to put some smiles on faces. You can check out the Captain's Logs below, thanks to William Shatner's Twitter account.


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