Star Trek Guide

Tom Cruise and not Star Trek, to boldly go where no film franchise has gone before

Tom Cruise is partnering with NASA and Space X to do the most Star Trek thing in the history of science fiction; film a movie in space.

Deadline is reporting that Tom Cruise, Elon Musks’ Space X, and NASA are working together to develop a film that would actually see Cruise act and do stunts in outer space. Seriously, this can’t be made up.

The idea is intriguing but the cost it would be could be staggering. While it’s not common knowledge how expensive this would be, as you’re going to need unique and dynamic equipment to be able to pull this off. You’ll need to spend months, if not years training Cruise, the other actors, and the crew in order to pull this off. That’s all without mentioning the fact that you’re going to need to build or repurpose already available space stations to house everyone.

The sheer amount of radiation and force on the body from frequent trips wouldn’t be recommended and honestly, with the logistical nightmare alone, the film would probably have to make several billion dollars to even be worth it financially

It seems rather illogical to even attempt this but hey, kudos to those involved if they can, in fact, pull off this feat. It would take many people smarter than us to pull this off and do it at a cost that wouldn’t bankrupt NASA or Space X. Though, considering just how far Elon Musk has fallen in the public eye, maybe he feels he needs this to revive his companies sagging reputation?

To be clear, I’d totally go see it, I’m just saying it’s super dumb to try.

Good thing I like dumb things.