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The Star Trek Finales, Ranked Worst To Best (According To IMDb)

The worst part of every Trek series is the fact they all come to an end. Sure, there are way sketchier episodes in between and a brilliant end is so cathartic, but it really breaks a fan's heart to see their faves for the last time.

Of all the Star Trek finales, some are revered as some of the best episodes of sci-fi TV and some of the others... well, safe the say they aren't as memorable. Or, if they are, it's for all the wrong reasons. For a bit more objectivity, IMDb will do the talking.

Here are the Star Trek finales ranked (according to IMDb).

8 These Are The Voyages... (5.3)

There is absolutely no surprise that this is the most hated. They couldn't even give Enterprise the illusion of a finale. They just made a bizarre episode of Riker self-inserting into the crew's lives to study them and they faded away like they were a weird history project, not an entire crew fans watched for four seasons.

Sure, ENT was not perfect in any way. It had a lot of problems. But it at least deserved a much better ending than the half-cocked disaster it got.

7 Turnabout Intruder (6.9)

TOS was always fighting a losing battle with networks. The episodes cost so much, and while they had a dedicated fanbase, they just didn't pull the kind of numbers companies wanted. Ergo, that's how TOS ended up with a finale but not. And unfortunately, it was a very weak episode to go out on.

An ex of Kirk took over his body because she was a woman and wanted to be Captain but wasn't allowed because of her gender. His crew saved him from being trapped in her body forever, but Janice Lester just went mad and the moral was sort of "oh, crazy women." Eeek. For a fairly progressive show, it was a rough note to end on.

6 The Counter Clock Incident (7.1)

One sci-fi trope that's fairly common is somehow aging up and de-aging people for the sake of finding a new way to look at things and solve a problem. In the final episode of TAS, the entire Enterprise gets de-aged and has to solve the problem as they get progressively younger. Yes, TAS ended on a somewhat goofy "captain got turned into a kid" episode.

Luckily, they had a very old Commodore visiting who could take charge of the problem when the crew got too young. Not a bad episode, but a really weird note to end TAS on.

5 Et in Arcadia Ego pt. 2 (7.6)

Though Picard sparked a lot of joy and nostalgia in people, its finale had some mixed (but generally positive) reviews. While it was a generally satisfying conclusion (with classic Picard speech and all), there were a lot of awkward plot holes and strings left loose. For example, Narek, Soji's once Romulan love who condemned her to her grave. Also, the Romulan subterfuge in Starfleet and their ill-intentions towards androids wasn't really dealt with. Or the scary space tentacles.

But hey, this one is a season finale, not a series, so who knows.

4 Such Sweet Sorrow pt. 2 (8.3)

Where people felt uncertain and somewhat disappointed in Discovery's first season, its second made great improvements. And by the season finale, which literally thrust Discovery into the far future, the Spock/Michael sibling relationship really compelled fans. It did a really great job, as a season, of balancing the nostalgic pieces of the TOS time period and capitalizing on what's cool about Discovery by itself.

Even though it is only a season finale, it hopefully shows a bright future for Discovery as it moves forward. Fans should be excited for season 3, coming in the fall.

3 Endgame (8.6)

After spending seven years trying to get home, this was the big, badass moment where Captain Janeway finally got her crew back to Earth. However, it wasn't exactly how she planned. An aging Admiral Janeway wanted a new trajectory for her crew, to save several members from passing away or disease, so she time-traveled to change the course of history.

The Janeway on Janeway action was awesome, blowing up the Borg Queen was neat, and it was a really bombastic and impressive finale (with a newborn baby and everything).

2 What You Leave Behind (9.0)

From his first moment on screen, Sisko always had a more tumultuous and tragic experience than other Captains. They spoke to the hope of The Federation, while he was very open about its darkness. In the end, Odo sacrifices his freedom to cure his fellow Founders and end the war, and Sisko defeats the Pah-Wraiths, which makes the Prophets return him to the Celestial Temple "where he belongs."

Star Trek endings aren't all happy endings, but DS9 definitely had the most tragic sacrifice. It fit the series, though, and it made for one of the best Trek finales.

1 All Good Things... (9.1)

The well-known, beloved king of finales will always be TNG's "All Good Things." The first Trek to get a real, proper finale, it let the beloved Captain explore his future, his present, and the gray area in between. It made him re-evaluate his decisions and appreciate the people around him so much more.

As far as closing a series goes, this was essentially the Christmas Carol of them, using science fiction to encourage Picard to be his best self, one of the main goals of Trek in the first place: to try to see the best in people. Fans have to admit, this wrapped up TNG in a very wholesome, hopeful manner that fit the series oh so well.


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