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How Wolverine Brought Charlie Brown To Marvel's Universe

The X-Menhave been known as one of Marvel Comics’ most inclusive super teams (well, if you’re a mutant), but did you know that they once held Charles Schultz’s beloved Peanuts character Charlie Brown as a member? Even more incredible, it turns out that Marvel Universe’s version of Charlie Brown isn’t just any X-Man – he’s their founder Professor Charles Xavier.

Yes, as unbelievable as it may seem, Professor X is Marvel’s version of Charlie Brown. While this remained a secret for many years, it ended up being Wolverine of all people who brought this incredible revelation to light.

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In Uncanny X-Men #139, the new X-Men team of Wolverine, Storm, Colossus, Nightcrawler, and Kitty Pryde readjust to having Angel back on their team. Unfortunately, Angel is badly out of practice and accidentally endangers his teammates during a Danger Room training session. After colliding with Nightcrawler, Angel knocks out the mutant teleporter and sends him falling toward a fiery pit below. The remaining X-Men quickly regroup, with Wolverine slicing up a steel wall to provide a landing pad for Nightcrawler. However, Nightcrawler panics and accidentally teleports in front of a robot Colossus just threw, requiring Storm to save him once again with her weather powers. Impressed, Wolverine compliments Storm on her quick thinking and mentions, “I’m beginning ta think Charley made the right decision when he named you team leader after Cyclops left.”

Entering the room, a disgruntled Charles Xavier informs Wolverine that he may call him “Professor” or “Charles” but never “Charley.” In typical Wolverine fashion, Logan responds, “Sure, Chuck.” Logan clearly hit the nail on the head by making multiple references toward Xavier’s resemblance to Charles Schultz’s popular “round headed kid,” and Xavier even responds with a Charlie Brown-style thought balloon full of scribbles to show his annoyance.

Hilariously, Wolverine’s “Chuck” nickname ended up sticking to Xavier for the next forty years (Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine even calls Patrick Stewart’s Charles Xavier “Chuck” during their final movie together in Logan). Beyond that, other artists and writers began spotlighting Xavier’s resemblance to Charlie Brown in the comics, particularly writer/artist Chris Giarrusso who drew Xavier with a Charlie Brown face and a Jean-Luc Picard red Star Trek shirt for his parody comic book Mini Marvels, to emphasize Xavier’s link to both characters.

The Charlie Brown-Charles Xavier link is also a popular theme for online cartoonists who have often drawn Charlie Brown in Xavier’s wheelchair. Some even go all out by drawing scenarios where the other Peanuts characters become the X-Men (with some showing Peppermint Patty taking Rogue’s place, Linus donning Cyclops’ visor, Pigpen becoming a very dirty Beast, and Snoopy wielding Wolverine’s claws!)

Considering Charles Xavier’s tough luck over the years (in addition to losing the use of his legs and his powers on multiple occasions, he’s also been killed several times) it’s actually easy to see how he’s Marvel’s answer to Charlie Brown. Wolverine may have meant the comparison in jest, but over the years, many X-Men fans have come to accept that in the Marvel Universe, Professor X is the mutant version of the original hard luck Peanuts character. Good Grief!