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Star Trek: Lower Decks: A Major Character Leaves the Cerritos

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Star Trek: Lower Decks Season 1, Episode 10, "No Small Parts," now streaming on CBS All Access.

At the end of the penultimate episode of Star Trek: Lower Decks Season 1, Boimler learned that Mariner was secretly Captain Freeman's daughter. Knowing that his best friend is basically Starfleet royalty, he starts off the season finale thinking that his relationship with Mariner alone will get him what he wants more than anything: A promotion. This creates a bit of friction between the two, especially when they start vying to get the same promotion aboard the Sacramento. However, when the episode reaches its conclusion, Boimler and Mariner patch things up and both recognize the Cerritos is where they belong. Then, Boimler gets a different promotion, leaving the Cerritos behind as the season comes to close.

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In the first half of "No Small Parts," Boimler and Mariner start a competition to get a promotion aboard the Sacramento. Boimler wants it because it's what he's always wanted, while Mariner simply wants to move to a ship where no one knows who she is. But their rivalry comes to a halt when the Cerritos is attacked by the Pakleds. Both ensigns then take part in a huge battle against the aliens alongside the rest of their crew, and they patch things up throughout the confrontation. Boimler reveals that he would miss Mariner if she left, and that he considers her to be his best friend -- a feeling that, while not mentioned in words, Mariner appears to reciprocate.

Once the Pakleds are defeated, Boimler and Mariner reunite. He recognizes her as his mentor, and he promises he won't focus on getting a promotion any longer. Instead, he vows to enjoy his time on the Cerritos to the fullest. But literally a few seconds later, Boimler is no longer a member of the U.S.S. Cerritos crew, jumping at the chance to be promoted by Captain William Riker of the U.S.S. Titan. Now aboard the Titan, Boimler has a new suit, a new rank and new responsibilities. Mariner, for her part, is leaving him angry messages, feeling betrayed by his departure.

This is a huge game changer for Lower Decks. Boimler is essentially the second lead of the show, and he just left the U.S.S. Cerritos behind. Now, it looks like Season 2 will divide its time between the Cerritos and the Titan -- but we're sure Boimler and Mariner will reunite, sooner or later. It just might not be a pleasant reunion, though.

Streaming on CBS All Access, Star Trek: Lower Decks stars Tawny Newsome as Ensign Beckett Mariner, Eugene Cordero as Ensign Rutherford, Jack Quaid as Ensign Brad Boimler, Noël Wells as Ensign Tendi, Dawnn Lewis as Captain Carol Freeman, Jerry O'Connell as Commander Jack Ransom, Gillian Vigman as Doctor T'Ana and Fred Tatasciore as Lieutenant Shaxs.

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