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Where The Discovery Is In Star Trek: Discovery's Season 3 Premiere

Where is the U.S.S. Discovery in Star Trek: Discovery's season 3 premiere? When Commander Michael Burnham (Sonequa Martin-Green) landed in the year 3188, her starship was nowhere to be found and the Discovery didn't appear at all in Star Trek: Discovery season 3's premiere episode "That Hope Is You, Part 1." This was a genuinely surprising move that effectively separates Burnham from her crew for who knows how long, casting the Star Trek: Discovery's main character adrift in the unfamiliar and very different 32nd century.

Star Trek: Discovery season 2 ended with Michael wearing the Red Angel suit and leading the U.S.S. Discovery through a time portal wormhole with the planet Terralysium as their target destination. However, Michael emerged first and alone in the 32nd century at the start of Star Trek: Discovery season 3's premiere. As she exited the wormhole, Burnham collided with a starship piloted by Cleveland "Book" Booker (David Ajala), who was fleeing a rival courier in pursuit. Michael and Book's ship both crash landed on a different planet and found themselves as uneasy allies being chased by mercenaries sent by the Orions and the Andorians. But before Michael officially made Book's acquaintance, she was elated to learn that her sacrifice wasn't in vain and that she did, indeed, stop Control from wiping out all life in the universe by leaping 930 years into the distant future. Burnham also activated the Red Angel suit's auto-destruct and sent it through the closing wormhole, essentially making her time travel irreversible.

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However, despite Burnham's attempts to contact the Discovery, she was unable to raise her crew. Finally, Book brought Michael to a long-since-derelict Federation relay station where the Starfleet attendant liaison (Adil Hussain) scanned for the Discovery. Unfortunately, he couldn't detect Burnham's starship anywhere in a 600 light-year radius. They determined that the Discovery either exited the wormhole at a different point from where Michael landed, which is outside of the relay station's limited sensor range, or the time-tossed starship still hasn't arrived. Frighteningly, they also calculated that "by the laws of temporal mechanics, [Discovery] could arrive tomorrow or... in a thousand years." Still, Burnham tasked the liaison officer with keeping comms open to monitor for the Discovery's arrival... whenever that will be.

The Discovery and her crew will obviously appear in Star Trek: Discovery season 3 and their side of the time-travel drama will be told — but it's not clear where or when the eponymous starship lands in the distant future. The Discovery crash-lands on an unknown planet, but who knows how many of the crew survived the journey through the wormhole and how traveling 930 years into the future will affect them or their starship. Nor is it certain how or when the crew of the Discovery will reunite with Michael Burnham.

Fans likely expected Michael to land in 3188 and immediately reunite with the Discovery to continue their common journey, but Star Trek: Discovery has rarely played things safely. Keeping Michael apart from the crew of the Discovery is a compelling way to ensure the story is off-kilter and surprising while allowing the Starfleet heroes to separately explore different aspects of the dangerous new future they found themselves in. It's also interesting that Michael has vital information about the state of the Federation and the galaxy at large that isn't readily available to Commander Saru (Doug Jones) and the crew aboard the Discovery, which includes Emperor Philippa Georgiou (Michelle Yeoh).

Star Trek: Discovery's season 3 premiere gave fans fascinating dollops of info regarding the Burn that ended the Federation, which was the spontaneous destruction of dilithium in the galaxy over a century before Michael and the Discovery arrived. This means that even though it's a 900-year-old antique, the U.S.S. Discovery has dilithium for its functional warp core and it also has the spore displacement hub drive. This assures that when Michael Burnham does find and reunite with the Discovery, they're going to be in possession of the most valuable (and possibly the most sought-after) starship in Star Trek: Discovery season 3's 32nd century.

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