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DCeased: Mister Miracle Left [SPOILER] on New Genesis

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for DCeased: Dead Planet #4, by Tom Taylor, Trevor Hairsine, Gigi Baldassini, Rain Beredo, and Saida Temonfonte, on sale now.

As the surviving heroes and villains of the DCeased DC Universe have banded together to retake their world from the ravenous anti-living, the horror-fueled miniseries has had the New Gods play an increasingly prominent role. With the devastating contagion unleashed by Darkseid in the original story fueled by the Anti-Life Equation, John Constantine had led Detective Chimp to track down Mister Miracle and learn more about the techno-organic virus from someone far more familiar with Darkseid and his abilities.

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And as the heroes welcomed Scott Free back into the fold, the master escape artist revealed he had left something especially personal to him back on New Genesis: His young son Jacob.

Introduced during Tom King and Mitch Gerads' Eisner Award-winning Mister Miracle maxi-series, Jacob Free is the son of Scott and his Big Barda. Born on Earth, Jacob and his parents became pivotal figures in the ongoing war between New Genesis and Apokolips, with Darkseid developing an unhealthy interest in the infant. While the Lord of Apokolips had already been killed by the Justice League in the DCeased world, Scott still felt Jacob was unsafe as the DCU faced a new threat in the wake of Darkseid's demise. And as Mister Miracle leads the heroes back to New Genesis, Scott reveals his desperate parenting decisions stemming from his own tragic loss.

The spinoff special DCeased: A Good Day to Die had focused on Mister Miracle and Big Barda's activities during the initial zombie outbreak. After surveying the chaos that had befallen Apokolips after Darkseid's death, the couple returned to Earth where they discovered it teeming with the infected. As the two New Gods fought to give Constantine and Mister Terrific time to locate Booster Gold's time machine, the couple was overwhelmed by hordes of the anti-living. Taking place five years later, Dead Planet reveals that while Scott had miraculously survived, Barda was indeed dead, with her loss continuing to haunt her husband years later.

In a way, both Scott Free and his son Jacob were abandoned by their fathers for years. Highfather had left Scott in Darkseid's care, exchanging him for Darkseid's son Orion when the boys were infants in an effort to bring peace between New Genesis and Apokolips.

While Scott left his own son in much better conditions than he himself had endured decades prior, the parallels with Highfather's fateful decision are clear and pointed out between Scott and his father in a rare quiet moment among the anti-living driven chaos. And as an undead vision of Darkseid arrives on New Genesis while Mister Miracle leads the heroes elsewhere, Scott Free may have unwittingly left his son in DCeased's next battlefield.

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