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3 Star Trek TV Series Are Now Preparing For Production

EP Alex Kurtzman has provided updates on all three live-action Star Trek series that are on their way. The pandemic has hit the TV industry hard across the board, the Trek franchise included. With the news that Discovery is officially getting a fourth season which is set to shoot next month, though, it seems the schedule is starting to get back on track. But where do things stand when it comes to Picard season 2 and Strange New Worlds?

Kurtzman spoke to SFX Magazine and explained that, yes, obviously production has been delayed on both of those shows. It seems things are most up in the air with Picard at the moment, but the showrunner seems confident that things can move forward smoothly with DIS and SNW. 

Kurtzman went on to say how the production teams are being hyper-vigil about the threat of COVID and are trying their best to limit the spread of the virus.

As other TV producers have said, Kurtzman added that the upside of the delay to filming is that the writers have had more time to develop their scripts, meaning that the scripting has been much less hectic than usual.

We’ve previously heard that Strange New Worlds is gearing up to start shooting in early 2021. Picard should have returned to production this past summer. Star Jeri Ryan did say it would instead go before cameras this fall, but that doesn’t seem to be happening anymore. It’s frustrating that Kurtzman didn’t provide us with some more details on that with these comments, but at least we know the other two series are shaping up.

Star Trek: Discoveryseason 3 continues Thursdays on CBS All Access.

Source: SFX (via GamesRadar)