Star Trek Guide

Star Trek Fandom: Fabulous Trek art from talented artists

Artists who are devoted to the Star Trek franchise have provided fans with compelling portraits of beauty and imagination

We all love looking at pictures, especially when they are about a subject we hold dear. Whether it’s flowers, landscapes, or wonders of the world, pictures can take us away from the pressures of the world even if only for a moment. They can also remind us the things in life that bring us joy. As these Star Trek artists have done.

Star Trek: The Original Series (The Cage)

This artist’s talent is phenomenal, and there’ s no denying there is much love for the original episode of Star Trek. Actors must appreciate the dedication to detail. I know fans do!

Geordi LaForge

This gorgeous piece of art was designed by a talented artist Olga Shvartsur who shows her love for Star Trek by drawing images of her favorite characters.


Known as London’s most prolific street artist, Paul Don Smith has been lauded as one of the “artists who make the street art scene in the East End what it is.” And he shows his love for Star Trek with his amazing portrait of Spock.

Deep Space Nine

A picture perfect image ready to be framed. This art didn’t just come out pretty well; it’s fantastic!

Lt. Uhura

Though this picture was difficult for the artist to draw, it seems effortless. Simply a perfect image of Lt. Uhura. Undoubtedly, Nichelle Nichols would be proud.

Star Trek fans express their love of the franchise in such varied ways, we’ll never be able to see all of them, but we’re happy to share these five extraordinary pieces of art with you. These artists took their time to draw what was close to their heart, and we’re fortunate to get to see their talent brought to life.