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Star Trek Mission Crate: Way of the Warrior – Review

Let’s take a look at another Star Trek Mission Crate by Loot Crate. I’ve been married to a Trekkie for over 16 years so when this box after having a delay in shipping, came in the mail, there was a level of excitement that is above the norm. The sad news is this box is currently only taking names on a waitlist at this time. Typically, this crate is a bi-monthly subscription box which (according to their website) includes:

AND you will have your choice of  Starfleet Division (Command, Ops/Engineering, Sciences, Medical).

Cost: $39.99/every two months (remember to use our link and code NERDSTASH to save $3.00) – They aren’t currently allowing customers to sign up for this particular crate due to shipment issues.

Let’s take a look at what’s inside the second Star Trek Mission Crate!

What’s Inside

This is what we found when we opened the box.

Klingon Fans will love sporting these socks on their feet.

This Mirror Universe Tribble has a bite! Look at those teeth! According to the tips on the package, unless you are a Klingon, you might want to be careful around this toothy creature.

Maybe wearing this Klingon Badge will keep the biting tribble away.  Probably not but who knows? This is starting to look like a Klingon friendly box.

The main item in this box is this Lt Commander Worf Mini Master Figurine.  Wharf is obviously one of the favorites in the Klingon world. The ironic thing about this figure is I immediately recognized the Bat’leth because I have a real set of these weapons in storage! Let me tell you, those things will hurt someone!

This Klingon sticker was also included in the box.

The final item in this box was this Star Trek Discovery Starfleet Badge Lapel Pin.


The contents of this box are awesome.  The problem that seems to haunt Loot Crate when it comes to the Star Trek Mission Crate is the delays in shipping.  The first box came in March 2018 when it was supposed to be in November 2017.  This box was supposed to come two months later as it is a bi-monthly box.  It did not come until August.  There seem to be some complications with the box because you cannot even order it at this point.  You can place your name on a waitlist. Bummer! Will there be a third edition?  That remains to be seen.

Order Information

So, the Start Trek Mission Crate is having problems.  That’s okay, Loot Crate has a ton of other options that seem to be timely and on schedule.

If you decide to order from Loot Crate, remember to use our link and our code:  NERDSTASH to receive $3.00 off.



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