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The future of Star Trek TV/streaming series in 2020 and beyond...

Following the crazy success of Discovery, the folks heading up CBS are doubling (and quadrupling) down on the Star Trek franchise. The stated ultimate goal is new  Star Trek year ’round on the  All Access online streaming platform.

On this page of Star Trek Guide, we’ve got a checklist of ST series at various levels of development/production along with a brief summary on what is known about these future shows. We’ll update this page as news breaks, and at bottom are stories on the new series aggregated for your perusal.

Section 31 logoAnd so, as Jean-Luc Picard once said long ago, “Let’s see what’s out there.” Upcoming series on the Star Trek slate include:

•  Lower Decks. Reportedly somewhat reminiscent of the TNG season 7 episode of the same name, Lower Decks will be an animated series focusing on characters of lower rank serving aboard a Federation starship. Thanks to the Star Trek panel at SDCC 2019, we know now quite a few more details on this series, so Star Trek Guide now has a page devoted to ST:LD. For more news on Lower Decks, click on the previous link.

•  Section 31. Michelle Yeoh kicked so much ass and took so many names in seasons 1 and 2 of Discovery that the Star Trek brain trust is ready to give her Captain/Emperor Phillipa Georgiou character the spotlight. This series features Georgiou (what else?) kicking ass for the Federation’s über-shady intelligence organization. STG figures that Section 31 will drop after Lower Decks, if only due to the corner in which the writers might have put themselves vis-à-vis Georgiou at the conclusion of Discovery season 2. We may see either another round of Short Treks or even Discovery season 3 to get Georgiou back to when she belongs.

•  As-yet untitled animated series. In April 2019, representatives of Nickelodeon and CBS announced a partnership to produce an animated Star Trek series for a younger audience. From the press release: “Debuting exclusively on Nickelodeon, the series expands the Star Trek universe for a new generation of fans. The new original CG-animated series follows a group of lawless teens who discover a derelict Starfleet ship and use it to search for adventure, meaning and salvation.”

“Derelict starship”? Could it be Kahn’s Reliant? (That was one of the names trademarked by CBS Television in early 2018…)

•  Ceti Alpha V. Speaking of Kahn, this proposed series featuring the genetically augmented tough guy appears to be dead. Though Nicholas Meyer revealed he was working on the Kahn-centric project in summer 2017 – thereby making it the first Star Trek series to enter development after Discovery – Ceti Alpha V may be indefinitely grounded.

The last word on this idea was probably Meyer’s in November 2018: ““I was commissioned to write a 3-hour or 3-night event, and that’s what I did. It’s called Ceti Alpha V and I don’t know the current status. It’s been up in the air. Partially, there was a lot of confusion between CBS, and there were big upheavals at CBS and while they sort of didn’t know who was in charge, they also didn’t know what they were going to do with Ceti Alpha V. I’m not exactly sure what’s happened, I haven’t heard from them in some time.”

And neither have we.

•  The Worf Chronicles. Since 2012, Michael Dorn has been stumping for The Worf Chronicles, a proposed series starring his character. But with all the recent love (and money!) getting thrown around on new Star Trek series, Dorn apparently can’t even get a proper meeting with the right people.

On one hand, a Worf vehicle seems like a natural: Worf has appeared in more Star Trek episode than any other character and was among the most popular on both TNG and DS9. On the other hand, despite Dorn’s insistence that the Klingon Empire makes a great metaphor for modern-day globalization, Discovery season 1 showed that even the ST audience isn’t particularly enamored with Klingon-heavy shows.

Perhaps today is a good day for this idea to die…