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Star Trek Continues – Finest fan vids ever made tell of the last few missions of the original ST crew

Star Trek Continues videos

There are fan videos, there are Star Trek Fan videos … and then there is Star Trek Continues. Forget Ira Steven Behr in What We Left Behind – voice actor/Star Trek magafan Vic Mignogna had a clearer vision of ST than just about anybody since Gene Roddenberry his own damn self.

Produced between 2013 and ’17, Star Trek Continues was a product of dozens of devotees contributing their various talents in production design, teleplay writing and acting plus untold thousands who donating to the Trek Continues Inc. non-profit through Kickstarter and Indiegogo. Blessed with 40 years’ worth of hindsight, modern sensibility to continuity plus (sometimes literal) blueprints to create proper The Original Series episodes.

The end result is damn close to magical, and in some respects, even improves on the 1960s series which STC seeks to, per the title, continue.

The sets, costumes and f/x style are dead-on replicas for the originals’, but such attention to detail isn’t necessarily rare in fan video: It’s the attention to thematic detail that puts Star Trek Continues over the top. This series does the dirty work of retconning certain concepts introduced in not only TOS, but also the prequel series Enterprise and The Motion Picture, true enough, yet any one of the STC scripts could easily pass for a Roddenberry-era script. (A script about 30 years ahead of its time, but still.)

Check out an episode like “Fairest of Them All”, a sequel to the TOS episode “Mirror, Mirror”: An entire episode devoted solely to the Mirror Universe wouldn’t happen on real-life TVs until the 2000s; seeing “Fairest” makes STG wonder why. Better yet is “What Ships Are For”, a classic TOS-style allegory on a classic TOS theme executed visually brilliantly due to a special effect impossible in the 1960s yet entirely possible with a powerful enough 21st-century PC.

But the real revelation of Star Trek Continues are the original character Dr. McKenna and the actress who plays here, Michele Specht. Mignogna and the entire STC team should take pride in this addition to the ST universe above virtually all else. McKenna fits the original crew so seamlessly and conveys such a feeling of 60s optimism that we’re almost ready to believe Specht is a time traveler. By the end of STC, she does all but steal the show.

At this point, STG would like to state that we love many other Star Trek fan videos; we highly recommend The Red Shirt Diaries YouTube series and the unfortunately ultimately one-short Star Trek: Phoenix, among many others. On this page will be news about ST fan productions of all sorts, but until further notice, we’re holding Star Trek Continues up as the gold standard here.