Star Trek Guide

Star Trek Guide's (continuing) mission statement, contact information and more

Star Trek Guide began with one man’s dream. No, not Gene Roddenberry’s, unless you’re applying some serious roundabout logic with several degress of separation; rather, STG Minister of Content, sometime film critic and full-time Trek fan Os Davis. With the success of Star Trek: Discovery spawning a plan for the ST franchise aiming to release new episodes weekly, Os wanted (nay, *needed*) a single website with all the Star Trek news updated daily.

Thus is the (continuing) mission of Star Trek Guide: To aggregate the most recent news from the best sites around the web via our proprietary, in-house developed software. Up-to-date news, reviews and information will hit the pages of STG on an hourly basis to help keep us up on everything happening in the Trek universe from Andoria to Quentin Tarantino to the Xindi.

And, as they say, there’s more! No way can Os be given a forum on which he may wax philosophic or opinionated that he won’t take advantage of. Prior to launch, he cranked out about 100 pages’ worth of text. Star Trek Guide thus includes episode guides for every season of every ST series, complete with mini-reviews and ratings for each episode. He’s also penned reviews of each Star Trek motion picture, and he’ll provide the occasional review of an ST documentary or related flick. There’s also the Captain’s Blog, on which he might writer about anything that crosses his ST-centric mind.

It’s quite the exciting time to be a Star Trek fan and Star Trek Guide is right there, disseminating from the trenches. Come back often to discover (so to speak) the latest addition to Gene Roddenberry’s (and Os Davis’s) vision.