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‘Star Trek 4’ Reportedly Shelved Indefinitely

The fourth installment in the popular Star Trek film franchise has reportedly been shelved indefinitely by Paramount.

Things hadn’t been looking great for Star Trek 4 ever since the inklings of its existence. At one point, rumors suggested that the film would follow Chris Hemsworth’s Captain George Kirk, but the actor walked away after contract talks. Star Trek franchise star Chris Pine, who played Captain James T. Kirk soon followed him. With troubles landing a director and even issues with ironing out the story, things were always up in the air.

The report comes after Deadline published a piece about SJ Clarkson, who was originally going to helm the newest Star Trek project. But, when it was confirmed that Clarkson would be executive producing and directing the Game of Thrones prequel pilot for HBO, many inferred that this mean Star Trek 4 would be left behind.

An excerpt from the Deadline piece states:

With the loss of Clarkson, Hemsworth, and Pine, Star Trek 4 took a heavy blow; one that it may not be able to come back from for quite some time. Rather than rebooting the franchise from the ground up once again, Paramount may choose to just abandon the project. Well, at least Star Trek: Discoveryis finding plenty of success over at CBS.

How do you feel about this news? Were you looking forward to another Star Trek film, or do you Star Trek Beyond was a fine place to end things? Do you think Star Trek 4 has any chance of revival? Let us know what you think down in the comments below!

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