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Director Joe Cornish Reveals Why He Turned Down ‘Star Trek Beyond’

British filmmaker Joe Cornish recently spoke on why he passed on directing Star Trek Beyond, the last film the franchise’s most recent reboot.

The newest iteration of the Star Trek franchise on the silver screen is in an indefinite hiatus at the moment. J.J Abrams helped revive it back in 2009 with Star Trek and Into The Darkness being a success among fans and critics alike after six years of the dreadful Star Trek Nemesis’ release. It seems that with Abrams focused on Star Wars and its actors engaged in other projects, the franchise is at a complete standstill.

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Nonetheless, news still arises on how these films got made. The last entry of the saga, Star Trek Beyond, was released back in 2016 and it was directed by Justin Lin. However, filmmaker Joe Cornish revealed to Entertainment Weekly that he was actually up to helm the movie. He spoke about rejecting the gig because it may have been too early in his career to direct such a big blockbuster:

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Cornish is famous for directing the sci-fi horror movie Attack The Block and he’s about to release a movie about a kid that gets the legendary sword Excalibur titled The Kid Who Would Be King. Cornish also co-wrote Ant-Man and the Adventures of Tin-Tin: The Secret Of The Unicorn.

In the end, Star Trey Beyond did well for fans and critics under Lin’s management but it seems not well enough for Paramount Pictures to continue with more movies. The Star Trek franchise is carrying on with TV show Star Trek Discovery and it’s been fairly praised by fans as well.

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Source: Entertainment Weekly

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