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'Star Trek: DS9' Doc Is Closer Than Ever

The documentary from Star Trek: Deep Space Nine showrunner Ira Steven Behr and For the Love of Spock‘s David Zappone will be beaming into our eyeballs in 2019. Praise Morn!

Deadline Hollywood reports that What We Left Behind: Looking Back at Star Trek: Deep Space Nine has been acquired by Shout! Studios, which intends to distribute the film before the end of the year via various platforms—including theaters.

This theatrical bump excites “producer slash editor” Joe Kornbrodt for several reasons, a big one being that a raft of new attention aimed at DS9 might convince CBS to finally remaster the show into HD glory. In the interim, Kornbrodt and his fellows are working hard to remaster the clips they’re using in the documentary.

Kornbrodt also says that the What We Left Behind team has plans to share the doc with its crowdfund backers before anyone else can get our greedy Ferengi hands on it. If this fun, tongue-in-cheek announcement is any indication of the kind of work that’s been put into What We Left Behind, I’m even more excited.

I did not think it was possible that I could be more excited, because a deep dive into Deep Space Nine is all that my perpetually-in-mourning-for-DS9 heart desires, but everything about What We Left Behind seems to shine like so many bars of latinum. The film will be examining the show from several angles, and won’t skip over its initial cool reception.

Per Deadline:

Many devoted Trek fans were wrong and eventually realized the error of their ways since it is a truth universally acknowledged that Deep Space Nine is the best Star Trek series ever with the 2nd-best (and my favorite) Captain, Benjamin “Suffers No Fools” Lafayette Sisko.

And What We Left Behind isn’t only a nostalgic retrospective—it’s also an exercise in futuristic speculation.

If you want to get even more psyched for What We Left Behind, check out the team’s original awesome pitch video from Indiegogo.

I can’t wait to look at this documentary the way Jadzia Dax looks at classic 23rd-century design.

(via Deadline Hollywood, Trek Movie, images: Paramount/CBS )

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