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Alex Kurtzman Teases That 2021 Could Be A Big Year For Star Trek

Looking to the stars for answers to help advance and create a more peaceful future. We were given all the answers from a television show called Star Trek in the sixties. That legacy carries on and looks to grow by 2021. Franchise producer Alex Kurtzman has teased a big year for the Star Trek franchise on the horizon while talking to TrekMovie.

When asked about the status of the spin-off series Section 31, Kurtzman told the site:

Kurtzman was then asked when we could see Section 31 on-air (that is if the show gets picked up):

With Star Trek: Discovery, the untitled Picard series starring Patrick Stewart, and Section 31, we are looking at 3 Star Trek shows that could potentially be on-air in 2021.

Look to the stars, everything we need for understanding was given to us by the show that is given no further thought beyond the Sci-fi world. For unity, wisdom, peace, and compassion for your fellow creatures.  Technology continues to grow and support our world. Everything Star Trek had developed was significant. Bring the ideology of progress in a time we were divided and still are today. Star Trek gave us lessons, in the original series, of tolerance acceptance and love of others.

Whether it is the love of friends or romantic love, you should show love as a high priority. In the episode “Plato’s Step Children”, it is not only the historic episode of the first televised interracial kiss between Lt. Uhura and Cpt. Kirk, it is also the episode of two other great lessons. First being regardless of how “intelligent or expanded” your mind may be if you don’t have compassion or kindness for others, the strength of your mind means nothing. And the second lesson is giving kindness and compassion to all regardless of size, color, shape, or race. Progressing in life without hatred or contempt for others allows growth and a better life.

Are you looking forward to season 2 finale of Star Trek Discovery? What Star Trek series is your favorite?