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Star Trek: Discovery writers explain Boreth plot hole and tease season finale

Star Trek: Discovery got a blast from the past on last week’s episode with a visit to the planet Boreth – but the show’s inclusion left a minor plot hole that left everyone scratching their heads.

The latest episode, titled Through The Valley Of Shadows, appeared to throw a plot hole spanner into the planet’s history works with the acknowledgement of time crystals – one of the planet’s natural resources.

According to the show’s new lore, it’s revealed that Klingons discovered the dangerous effect the crystals could have if they’re used for these purposes of manipulating the natural flow of time.

The Klingon’s sacred world, which is home to a branch of Klingon monks, was previously explored in the show’s previous series, Star Trek: The Next Generation by Lieutenant Worf (played by Michael Dorn) when he had a crisis of faith.

Landing on the planet just as their God-like leader Kahless supposedly returns, things get complicated for Worf when he discovers that he’s actually a clone.

But with no use or even acknowledgement of the time crystals, fans have wondered, what’s going on?

Speaking to Syfy, writers Bo Yeon Kim and Erika Lippoldt said: ‘Boreth has always been carefully established as a sacred place for the Klingons — and that’s not something we wanted to muck up.

‘Instead, we wanted to expand on existing canon and the functionality of Boreth by introducing a hidden sect of monks who have dedicated their lives to guarding the time crystals.

‘We loved the notion that this otherwise fierce warrior race has learned not to mess with something as dangerous and volatile as time.’

‘Worf would not have been granted access to the part of Boreth’s monastery that housed the crystals.’

It appears that the time crystals are about to become seriously important before the end of this season runs out – with only two episodes to go before the finale.

Refusing to say any more about their involvement, the pair added talking about what they mean risks some major spoilers.

Star Trek: Discovery airs Fridays on Netflix in the UK.

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