Star Trek Guide

Okay, Now We’re Getting Two STAR TREK Cartoons

As if the recent time travel shenanigans of Star Trek: Discovery weren’t enough, Star Trek itself is starting to get confusing. Just in terms of television, let’s take an inventory. We have Discovery, obviously. Then there’s the Picard show, the Section 31 show, and an animated show called Lower Decks. All these Star Trek shows will be seen exclusively on CBS All Access.

Maybe not so confusing. Except now there is apparently going to be yet another show. Like Lower Decks, it will be animated. But unlike Lower Decks, it’ll be squarely aimed at children. And unlike any of these shows, it’ll air on Nickelodeon.

That is a lot of upcoming Star Trek. To be fair, the new show sounds fun. It centers around a group of ragtag teenagers who find a broken down Starfleet ship and I suppose use it to go on adventures and make trouble for themselves. It’s not a bad idea. The animation will, of course, be of the CG variety.

Ironically, the easier access to this show means it is the least likely one for me to watch. I have succumbed to CBS All Access but do not have Nickelodeon. Maybe that’s okay as the show isn’t really made for my demographic (super awesome dudes with no hair who are almost forty) anyway.