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The Star Trek online slots game -- Based on the 2009 reboot/sequel movie

Talk about going where no one has gone before … Why did it take so long for the Star Trek franchise to hit the online slots world? Fans of Star Trek and slot machines have waited for the Star Trek online slot for much longer than a stint between Pon Farr rituals, we can tell you. No matter, the Star Trek slot (based on the 2009 feature film) brought ST back to the casinos in 2013, triggering a wave of Star Trek-themed slots.

At first seemingly another among ordinary video slot – albeit one with actual clips from Star Trek (2009) – the Star Trek slot really comes to life in the bonus games: four of these “away missions” in all are in play, and each features one of the Enterprise crew’s key figures.

Explore strange new worlds rendered with 21st-century neo-holodeck technology from the comfort of home … and win lots of gold-pressed latinum – that is to say, coinage – for the winning.

How do you play the Star Trek slot?

In the base game, set a course for a combination of two bonus symbols with in tandem with a Kirk, Spock, Uhura or Scotty symbol to trip a bonus round. The captain, of course, “doesn’t believe in no-win scenarios,” and so the bonus round devoted to James T. Kirk rewards the player three to six free spins with a 3x bonus multiplier … but if any of the spins doesn’t get the player a win, it doesn’t count!

In Spock’s bonus round, the player wins 10 to 15 free spins which can be retriggered; Uhura awards six to 12 free spins with higher payouts when the scatter symbol lands on an active payline; finally, Scotty’s round gets the slots player 10 free spins, the second five of which also get a 4x to 10x bonus multiplier.

What are the other Star Trek slots games?

Here at Star Trek Guide, we’ve got a few later editions of slots games featuring the Enterprise crew (in original or rebooted universe versions). Online casino game software creators/developers IGT followed up this title with the Star Trek: Against All Odds slot, a funky, innovative and engaging game that represents quite the evolutionary step forward from this first effort.

Meanwhile, the folks at WMS Gaming (damn, back in the day, they had a couple of mean Star Trek-themed pinball machines) boast an interesting trilogy of slots games – or “episodes” as the WMS folks’d have it. These Star Trek slots are entitled, in numerical order, Red Alert, Explore New Wortld (you’d think that those first two would be reversed, but hey, I’m content provider, not a game designer) and The Trouble with Tribbles. And If this last doesn’t have you abandoning these words and heading directly to start spinning those reels, well, you must be at least half Vulcan…